A Little Bit About Skippy

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Gender: Male

Favorite Toy: Raw hide

Favorite Treat: Cheese &Bacon

Best Trick: Sit, shake,

Favorite Game: Walking with mommy

Favorite Pastime: Playing in the backyard

Special Skill: Had a few of them

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so sorry for your loss

they bring so much into our lives that losing them leaves such a big hole. may his memories help fill that hole a little. take comfort knowing that you gave him a gift also, the gift of being loved by you.

- denham dogs mom


I heard somebody define heaven once as A PLACE WHERE WHEN U GET THERE ALL THE DOGS U EVER LOVED RUN TO GREET U! hope springs eternal.God bless

- Sonny Boys mommy

So very sorry for your loss

Your Skippy was a wonderful boy,so full of love and kindness.I can see the love in his eyes.Rest easy beautiful furbaby and God bless you.All of Skippy's love and great memories will be with you forever.It's so hard to lose a family member.Sweet dreams.

- Laddie & Scooby's Mom