A Little Bit About Cosmo

Breed: Dachshund

Gender: Male

Favorite Toy: Anything that Bart played with

Favorite Treat: Milkbone

Best Trick: Making his food disappear

Favorite Game: Chewing on a squeeky toy

Favorite Pastime: Eating and snacking

Special Skill: Loving unconditionally

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In loving remembrance

It's been three months since we said our earthly goodbye. We enjoy every loving memory of Cosmo and still miss him dearly. Time has not helped too much. We were so blessed to have Cosmo in our lives. He will continue to live in our most fondest memories.

- With much love, Cosmo's Family - Martha, Joe, Veronica and Bart

Farewell to a great dog

I was sorry to hear of Cosmo passing.I hope that he went in peace, and didn't experience much pain.He's in a better place, & will be waiting for you at heavens gate when you can all be together again. Cosmo & Spike will finally meet each other in heaven.

- Pluto & Goofy

Sorry for you'r loss

Cosmo Sounds Like my doxies. She would always watch her little girl Sugar do all the playing. It's been all 4 months & Still miss her so much. Hope Cosmo & Cinnamon will come to be friends in doggy heaven. May Cosmo rest in peace, He's now with in Spirits

- Cinnamon's Mama

Thank you

We would like to thank all of you that either wrote a note or thought a good thought for Cosmo. We said our goodbyes to him on Saturday, May 29. It was really difficult for all of us. I miss him dearly. He left his paw prints forever in my heart.

- With deepest appreciation, Martha

little dog...

hello, little doggy; oh barker of the household, protector of the family, pee'er of trees and bushes and plants; I miss your aknowledgement of my arrival, leaving boxes at your doorstep.That day you chased me...my fault; good for you! -"the Fed Ex man" =D

- intruder # 1,000,000

little coz

hi little one...i miss you barking at everything that looked out of the norm with your life, and those to whom you were loyal. when you finally stopped barking at ME...i got to know how funny you were, and knew not come between you and your food! b happy.

- tia liza

You will be missed

So sorry to hear about Cosmo. I know you will miss him deeply. My thoughts are with your family.

- Kirsten

I will miss you

I will miss seeing you follow me and anyone who would go into the kitchen. I loved seeing you sleeping with Bart - he misses you a lot. It seems like yesterday that you rested your little head on my leg while I was reading a book. I will miss you lots.

- Love, Your sister Veronica :.l




To Cosmo,

May you find comfort and peace in doggy heaven. We miss you. We thank you for all the 15 years of fond memories here on earth. P.S. Give a big "Woof" for us to Spike!

- Love, The Arimas (Eric, Jess, 3Ms and Cousin Cinnamon)

The Lost of Cosmo

I'm very sorry for your loss.

- Gene


Sad and sorry for your loss

- Love, Jean, Chris, Jon, Grandma, Grandpa & Auntie Lola

God Bless Cosmo

So sorry to hear of your loss. I'm sure he is being taken good care of up there. Please nurture Bart as he will be uneasy during this transitional period. It ill be hard for him, but he will eventually be able to let him go.

- Love, your cousin Cinnamon and the Arima Family

To The Urubio Family

I am so very sorry for your loss. Please find comfort in knowing you provided a wonderful & loving home to dear Cosmo. I know you will miss him, but I'm sure a part of him will always be in your home and in your hearts. Take care.

- Tina S. Wu - Temple City branch


We are very sorry for your loss. He is now in Doggy Heaven with a lot of new friends.

- Penny and the Monrovia Team

Lots of Love

with lots of love

- Susan and the Arcadia Duarte Team


Thinking of You

- Lydia SG #628

Lots of love

Lots of love

- Virginia

We always love you Cosmo

Thank you for being such as good dog and for loving us so much. We already miss you so much and think about all the things that you did to keep us happy.

- With lots of love, Joe

To Cosmo

I am sad to hear this news. I know how quickly a pet becomes more than just a pet - s/he becomes a member of the family. Cosmo, I remember when I used to play with you and Bart when you were younger. We will miss you greatly.

- Ceci

so very sorry

so sorry for your loss, such a sweet little face, sweet dreams Cosmo rest easy baby.....take care love ones.

- gypsy's mommy

Sweet Cosmo

I will miss the pitter patter of your tiny feet. I always loved watching you and Bart sniff away at everything with hope that you would find a forbidden morsel. You will live on in our hearts and memories. Our condolences to Joe, Martha, Veronica and Bart

- Love, Jenny and Harpreet