A Little Bit About Yoda

Breed: Chihuahua

Gender: Male

Favorite Toy: Not really a toy dog...

Favorite Treat: Cheerios

Favorite Game: "I'm gonna get your chewy!"

Favorite Pastime: Laying on Daddy's lap

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hugs and kisses

he was beautiful

- Kathie, a chihuahua lover

so sorry

So sorry about your loss of Yoda. He is so darn cute! I just had to write!

- Paula (Flufatina's mommy)

Our sympathies

Our sincere sympathies go to you for the loss of Yoda. We know how much he meant to you and that he was such a huge part of your lives. May the memories you have take you through this difficult time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

- Katherine, Don & Taylor

Gotta Love Them (dogs)

Karsten and Char, My heart goes out to both of you. We all know the pain you guys have to endure. You have to just remember the happy times you had with Yoda and it will make you smile. He was a cool little doggie, very attached to his mommy and daddy.

- Love Mark and Chris Koch

Lots of good memories.

I loved having Yoda stay at my house in summer. It was a lot of fun to spoil him and then send him back home with Mom and Dad. It was also funny how he knew a toll was coming up and would bark like it was the end of the world to give up that 50 cents!

- Ingrid

Our Sympathy

It was a shock to see your message of Yoda's passing. We send you both our sincere sypathies on your great loss. We only met Yoda a few times, but I have never known a dog to use a litter box like Yoda did. He was amazing!

- Love, Bobbie and Jim

Can you say spoiled?

Yoda was well cared for. What other dog do you know that did not have to go out in the winter cuz he goes in a litter box. Then mom would say "let me wipe the weenie" and he would lift his leg and let her wipe him. I will miss the weird little dog!

- Love, Karla

Joy in the moments you had with him and sadness when moments are missed

Dear Aunt Char and Uncle Karsten, My heart just breaks for both of you. I too have experienced loss in the past and recall your words of support in my saddest moments. Try to smile in the memory of the happy moments and know that my love is with you.

- Love, Bekah

will miss you Yoda

who is going to attack my bike when I ride down the street now that you are gone? will miss hearing that jingle noise from around your neck...I would hear it in the distance and say "Ah, Yoda is out for a walk..."

- Pam & Rich

We are so sorry!

Char & Karsten, We are so sorry to hear about Yoda. My heart aches for you guys. Sure gonna miss seeing him walking up and down the street. Take care!

- Carolyn & Jim

So Sorry

Oh Char/Karsten, We're so sorry to hear that you lost Yoda. He was such a fun companion. I know you will miss him and all the fun/funny things he did. I remember how he would stand and cock his head and look at you. We send you hugs.

- Don and Sue


Awww, I am so sorry. I know how much a family loves their dog. They truely are family members. I cant imagine how painful it is.I'd be so lost if something happened to Vinnie.

- Lacey


I'm really sorry for your loss. This little bugger was a cutie. I only met him a couple of times (and he hated me), but I could see the love that was felt for him. He is happy in Doggy Heaven now.

- Tamara