A Little Bit About Angel baby Price

Breed: Bichon Frise

Gender: Male

Favorite Treat: meat

Best Trick: jumping in the laundry basket

Favorite Game: going nutty after a bath

Favorite Pastime: belly rubs

Special Skill: licking eyelids,noses,ears

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My heart aches

Angelbaby my heartaches for you daily I still struggle with fact that you are not here I can only wait until we meet again old friend and that won't be for a long time. Lex misses you he looks for his angelbaby to play with happy birthday my fluffy one xo

- Angelbabys mommmy

Happy Birthday Sweet Angel

Happy birthday to my sweet sweet baby boy oh how I wish you were with your family that loves and misses you very much. You would have been 14 years old. It is now 2012 and life is very different without you no dog though probably never will........I luv u

- Love Mommy

I will never forget you angelbaby

Angelbaby I am always thinking of you, I will never forget you I love you and miss you alot I wish you were still here with me. I miss you greetings when I came home from work you always knew when daddy came home. Happy birthday fufu I love you.

- Love Daddy

No matter what

My sweet boy angelbaby you will be 14 years old in 4 days I miss you, I love you and always will no matter what I will always have a special place in my heart for you my angelbaby. I can now look at your picture and not cry now its just so so sad. xo mom

- angelbabys mommy

Forever faithful friend

Happy 13th old friend life is still empty without you I will sometimes ache for another dog but cannot get one don't know when I only know that I miss you so much I love you forever angelbaby. Until we meet again old friend.

- Angelbabys Momm

Life will never be the same

My dear sweet angelbaby my heartaches for you I long for the days of past when you were healthy and beautiful not a care in the world My life will never be the same without you still cannot get a dog way to hard I can't replace you my fluffy old friend xo

- Love mommy

My heart still aches for you my angelbaby

Angelbaby its been a long and difficult year without you. My heart aches for you so so much. I often look at your picture and think what if, what if i could have saved your life you would still be here lying next to me. I love you forever old friend.

- Angelbabys mommy

A new year without you

Well my sweet angelbaby xmas has come and gone new years too. I love you and miss you it still hurts my heart when I think about you but with each passing day it slowly gets a little better. my life will never be the same without you. Until we meet again

- angelbaby's mommy

I will always love you

To my dear sweet Angel, this is mommy I miss you so very much. It has been 6 months since you left me my heart still aches for you and always will. There will never be a dog like you Lex still looks for you. Goodnight sweet angelbaby till we meet again

- Angels Mommy

Missing you

My sweet Angel baby this mommy I miss you very much. I miss you the most when it is bed time you were always there by my side. I miss you so much I cry to much I wish this was only a nightmare and I could wake up and you would be next to me. xoxoxoxoxoxox

- Till we meet again old friend Love Mommy

Always in my heart

To my sweet Angel baby I miss you so so very much when I walk into my bedroom and see that your not there my heart still sinks to the pit of my stomach. Its such a lonely feeling to know that I will never see you again but I know when I die we wil meet xo

- Angels babys mommy

Its so hard

To my sweet,sweet Angelbaby. This is mommy its been 3 months since you have been gone I still cannot accept your passing. Thank you for making a brief appreance last month I wish you would do more of that. I love you so very much angel you are my heart.

- Angelbabys Mommy


Your Angel baby look so handsome in his cap.I just lost my 16 year old July 27,2010 I know they will meet and have fun cause Mariah love baseball,and football.

- Mariah~Mom

angels papa

To my fufu, this is papa I miss our morning and evening walks the belly rubs and the massages. I miss bathing you although you didn't go nutty anymore because you were an old guy you are one of a kind the best dog I ever had I miss you and love you.

- Eric Price angels papa

so very sorry

so very sorry for your loss, Angel such handsome fellow, sweet dreams Angel baby rest easy sweet baby boy....take care love ones may all your wonderful & happy memories help ease your pain..

- gypsy's mommy