A Little Bit About Shadow

Breed: Scottish Terrier

Gender: Male

Favorite Toy: A ball

Favorite Treat: any doggie treat

Best Trick: howling

Favorite Game: catch

Favorite Pastime: chasing the cats

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Well Wishes

I wanted to say, I hope things are well and getting better after a year without your loved one. Time does heal, but we do not forget!

- Jock's Mommy

Sorry for your loss

I am so sorry for your loss. My Keisha died just a couple of weeks ago and I miss her terribly. Hope one day we meet our little ones and to know they are happy with God

- Pat

I am so sorry

My scottie is on this site too, Jock, he died in July. I feel your pain and I am so sorry for the recent loss of your beloved scottie Shadow.

- A fellow Scottie Owner and Lover