A Little Bit About Abby

Breed: Weimaraner

Gender: Female

Favorite Toy: Stick

Favorite Treat: Rawhide

Best Trick: Trading for treats

Favorite Pastime: Rolling on the grass

Special Skill: Trading items for treats

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So Beautiful!

Be nice to Guapo and Suzi. Love u.

- Mom

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, Abby!

- Love, Mom


Keep an eye out for him

- dad

Happy Thanksgiving

What can mommy cook for your dinner?

- Love Mommy

Miss You.

a lot

- Love Mommy

Miss You

Merry Christmas, Abby.

- Love, Mommy

How's my girl!

15 days till your anniversary in heaven, Abby. Miss you.

- Love, Mommy

Hi Abby

Missing you, going to start the pool up, wonder if you would have used it?

- Love dad

How's my girl!

I miss you!

- Love, mommy.


Thanksgiving will be sad this year without you.

- Miss you and love u, Mom

About Suzi

We are so worried about Suzi's health. Dr. Bone said she has pulmonary edema and that there is not much we can do. But when she goes and join you, would you take of her?

- Love u all, Mom.

New House

Hello, Abigail. We bought a new house. It has swimming pool and bigger yard. I know Suzi and Guapo will like and I know you would too. But we are keeping this house in memory of you. I do miss you.

- Love, Mommy

Hi Abby!

Mom and Dad are looking for a house with a huge yard big enough for Suzi and Guapo (and you of course) to roam and get exercise. I think I'll plant a tree for you in their new yard. Miss you!

- Love Celeste

Good Morning

We all miss you.

- Love Mom


Looking at yards is not the same

- Daddy

I'm so sorry for your loss

He was a beautiful dog and I know you're grieving terribly. My heart is with you.

- (Mrs.) Freddie Crouch





On the fence, get it Abby

- Daddy

Hi Abby

Did you get your little angel wings yet? I hope you're having fun running free and jumping from cloud to cloud. I wish dogs could live as long as humans do. I miss you. I'm leaving you a tennis ball...go get it girl!

- Love, Celeste

Missing U

Go chase squirrels!

- Love, Mommy.

Fried Rice

Abby, I cooked fried rice tonight for you, Guapo, and Suzi. Enjoy.

- Love, Mommy.

You're not here

Were here at mom and dad's and you're not here Abby. We love and miss you! I hope you are getting to run around as much as you want in heaven.

- Love, Chuck, Celeste, and Cambri

so very sorry

so sorry for your loss, Abby so beautiful,sweet dreams Abby rest easy sweet baby girl, take care love ones and may all your happy memories of Abby always bring you comfort...

- ~gypsy~ mommy

Dear Abby

I hear you went on a long awaited canine resort. I know you're having alot of fun. We all miss you and know you miss us, too. Thanks for all the tricks of trading. Love ya'.

- Big sister Michelle