A Little Bit About Smoke

Breed: Weimaraner

Gender: Male

Favorite Toy: Sucking blanket

Favorite Treat: Rawhide

Best Trick: Getting the paper

Favorite Pastime: Getting a full body massage

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Was Smokey from? Willie was also 12, his DOB 6/9/96, Camelot Weim's. Just curious. Going from 2 weims to none makes for an awfully empty house, even with 3 small children. Willie's nickname was sanitation boy...he ate EVERYTHING..stomach made of steel

- Much love to you and your family, from ours...

our sympathy

from one weimeraner lover to another, i am sorry to hear of your loss. He was a handsome fella and i understand what your going through. its not easy losing a member of the family. Our thoghts and prayers are with you and smokey

- Riki and Ed (Fritzs mom and dad)

very sorry

There's nothing like a weimmie, so sorry...

- Kim Zern