A Little Bit About Willie

Breed: Weimaraner

Gender: Male

Favorite Toy: squirell

Favorite Treat: bagels

Favorite Game: trying to get the squeaker

Favorite Pastime: laying with mommy

Special Skill: love and affection

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Thank you

Dear Willie and Shelby's mom. Once again ty for your kinds words. I'm sure both willie and shelby are together playing and thinking of what a wonderful life they had when they were here on the earth with you.

- Nate's Momma

Gone But Not Forgotten

I just lost my Weimaraner named Boz. He was born August, 1995 and died January, 2009 (13.4 years old). He was my best friend in the world and the most loyal companion ever. I often told people that when he died they needed to dig another hole.

- Respectfully, Marcus Godsy - Oklahoma

1 month...

and it seems like a lifetime...



came from a breeder in Oklahoma;Westcamp was their name. We still have his half-sister with us, & we adopted another 5 yr old Weim from a rescue group after Smokey died. So glad we did! Like you, I think I would find the house too empty without any Weims.

- Theresa


I am so sorry for your loss. I still miss my Weimaraner more than words can express, so I share my deepest sympathies with you. They are the greatest companions and we won't forget how they touched our lives.

- Smoke's mom

miss you my boy

Mommy can't sleep without you curled up next to me...


its so hard to let go

Thank you so much for your kind words about Fritz. Its been a couple of months and the grief still overwhelms us. Your willie sounds alot like Fritz and it pains me to hear of your loss. We realize how special and unique weims can be. Were so sorry...

- Ed (Fritzys dad)

My Boy

well it's week gone by and my heart is still so heavy...Daddy saw a rainbow today, so I feel a little better. I think it took you a week to get to the Bridge...you wern't ready to go and I wasn't ready to let you go. I love you Stink!!!! I miss you!!!!

- Love you, Mommy

So Sorry

Kim - I've always found that in hard times finding quotes always helps me get threw tough times. Here's one I found for you. "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." I am really going to miss Willie. All my Love,

- Marisol

Sorry for your loss

I know how you feel. There is that stamp on your heart that never fades. We are all better people for having know our pets.

- Chris, Billy and Anna

sorry for your loss

What a handsome guy. I am sorry for your loss. It has been a week since I lost my girl and I still can't believe that she is gone. I miss her so much. God must have had some special plans for our babies. May time lessen your pain.

- Alicia Darcies mom

My Handsome Big Boy

Willie Boy we will miss your kisses and snuggles and your head on our laps so we can rub your flappy ears.You were my favorite boy and I loved how you were strong and muscular one minute and a lap dog the next. Mommy knows Meem will take care of you.

- Love and kisses forever, Nona & Pop xoxoxox

So sorry for your loss

We are so sorry for the loss of Willie. The love they give us is so hard to live without...but we seem to manage...although difficult. Gunther will be waiting at the Rainbow Bridge to welcome Willie and I am sure they will play and run together.

- Gunthers Mommy, Laura

Thank you Willie

Dear Willie Thank you for giving your mom and family so much love and joy. They are saddened by the loss, but have so many funny and touching memories to sustain them. Lisa

- Lisa

What a beautiful dog

I'm so sorry for your loss especially on Thanksgiving day. I love the swimming pool pic. It's those pics that make us smile so much. Hang in there, it's so darn tough!

- Paula (Flufatina Christina's mom)

What a beautiful dog

I'm so sorry for your loss especially on Thanksgiving day. I love the swimming pool pic. It's those pics that make us smile so much. Hang in there, it's so darn tough!

- Paula (Flufatina Christina's mom)

Our Boy

Your kids want to say a prayer for you...they miss their boy vey much. We hope you're playing with Shelby and have given her lots of kisses from us! Lots of Love , Hugs and Kisses from your Family that misses you more than words can say...we love you

- Mommy, Daddy, Harley, Kendall & Lauren

Hansdome Willie

My heart goes out 2 you & I am so sorry 4 your loss. I lost my best friend 2 weeks ago 2morow & I miss him more & more everyday. Willie was very lucky u were his mommy! I'm so thankful today for my Joey and your Willie! Take care!

- Heidi (Joey's Mom/Texas)