A Little Bit About Maddy

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Gender: Male

Favorite Toy: a stick he would find outside

Favorite Treat: cheese bone

Favorite Game: tug a war

Favorite Pastime: being a bed hog

Special Skill: lay with his legs crossed

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Merry Christmas

Hi Maddy, I hope you found someone to love and play with. It's christmas and we are decorating and put up your stocking because even though you are not here with us, you are always in our hearts. We miss you everyday. We will love you forever. XOXOX

- Love your family


HAPPY EASTER MADDY. Today is the first easter without you and we miss you very much. It wasn't the same without you. I hope you got your easter surprise. We will be leaving for Auntie Donna's soon for dinner. WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

- Doug, Janet Matthew & Jaymie


Today would have been your 10th birthday down here. I hope whoever is taking care of you makes your double turkey cheese burger. Don't forget to tell them you can't have beef. WE LOVE YOU. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADDY

- Janet Doug Matthew & Jaymie


Hope you have a happy valentine's day. We love and miss you very much. XOXOXOXOXO

- Love Doug Janet Matthew & Jaymie


Happy New Year buddy, I hope they are treating you ok up there. We love and miss you very much.

- Janet (Mommy)


We miss you soooo much. We made it through the holidays, but not without thinking about how much we miss you which put tears in our eyes. I gave the kids their very own memory book of you for xmas that they will treasure always. WE LOVE YOU MADDY

- Janet


We miss you sooooo much. I still have tears in my eyes because I miss you sooo, especially now that we have begun our xmas decorating. Just the other day, I took out the stockings, and yours is on your shelf with your other belongings. We miss you.

- Janet


Yogi bear was a chow/lab and the most gentle big baby. I feel your pain & know your sadness. We have 2 other doggies but nothing can or will replace our him, his loss was a shock. May you & your family find peace this holiday season & enjoy your new puppy

- Cherie (Yogi's mom) CherLovesRusty2@aol.com


I'm sure you were a special boy. Your wonderful, loving story makes me cry! Please send your mommy a sign that you are ok up there in doggy heaven. I know your family misses you so much! It's amazing how we get attached to our four legged fur babies.

- Cherie (Yogi's mommy)


Maddy I miss you very much and we got a new dog named Happy. He is very playful and we love him as much as you.

- Jaymie

So sorry for your loss

I know exactly what you mean by a person with fur! I like how you put that!

- Paula (Flufatina Christina's mom)