A Little Bit About Riley Jo Oliver Wakeman

Breed: Irish Setter

Gender: Male

Favorite Toy: His sheep

Favorite Treat: Corned Beef

Best Trick: He could leap over couches!

Favorite Game: Chasing laser lights

Favorite Pastime: Laying on his back thrashing

Special Skill: Escape Artist

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Beautiful Riley

Riley is a very beautiful dog. He will always be with you because he is forever in your heart. My heart goes out to you and so do my prayers. God spelled backwards is dog; this gives me comfort. I love all of his picures.

- Bailey Fritz Weems's Moma

so sorry for your loss

what a beautiful dog. it is so hard losing a treasured friend .he will always be with you in every memory you recall. take comfort knowing you gave him love while he was here.

- denham dogs mom

So Sorry

I'm so sorry for the loss of your very handsome Riley. I lost my beloved boy Bart on May 21, 2012 so I am feeling your pain. May God bless our boys and may our memories last us until our sweet reunion with our babies.

- Bart and Princess' Mommy

Footprints on Our Hearts

So very sorry for your loss. Such a pretty boy. He has left his footprints on your heart forever, never to forget him. He will be at Rainbow Bridge and you will meet again. Until then he is an Angel looking down and keeping your safe.

- Little Dukie and Maxwell Smart's Mommy

Sorry for your loss

Riley Jo was a beautiful Irish Setter.Rest easy sweet furbaby and God bless you.His pawprints & love will be in your hearts forever.His memories are a gift from God.Sweet dreams boy.

- Laddie's mom

aww such a pretty boy...so sorry for your loss...

sweet dreams beautiful Riley Jo rest easy pretty baby....love ones may all your wonderful memories help ease your heartache and forever bring you much comfort.

- ~Gypsy~ & Ringo's mommy

What a beautiful boy!!!!

Your dog is in our hearts I know you will miss him Treasure all your memories with him, for they will never be forgotten.He's beautiful !!!

- Love Madison's mommy