A Little Bit About Keisha

Breed: Scottish Terrier

Gender: Female

Favorite Toy: Blue chew toy

Favorite Treat: Cheese

Best Trick: Stand for a treat

Favorite Game: Ball catching

Favorite Pastime: Hanging with me

Special Skill: Everything!

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I love her little face.............

My first dog was a Scottie. My parents bought him for me when I was 10 because I was deathly afraid of dogs. He lived a good long life. It's so hard to lose such a great friend, but you've created a lovely memory.....

- Dixie's sister

Thank you

Thank you for your kinds words that you left on Shadow's page. I'm sorry for your loss of Keisha. They will always be in our hearts!

- Mary

I am so sorry...

I am so sorry about the loss of your scottie child. She was so cute! I still think about Jock everday. He was so important to me. It does get better, the tears lessen a little bit but the love in your heart will never go away.

- Jock's Mommy