A Little Bit About Chi Chi (My Angel)

Breed: Chihuahua & Rat terrier

Gender: Female

Favorite Treat: Duck jerky, pig ears

Best Trick: Super intelligent

Favorite Game: Chasing flies

Favorite Pastime: Begging, sleeping

Special Skill: Singing, talking

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I am very sorry for your loss

Chi Chi is a cutie! I believe with all my heart that our furbabies go to heaven. Chi Chi will be waiting to see you. God spelled backwards is dog; this has given me so much comfort. There will be brighter days for we are not here to stay.

- Bailey Fritz Weems

Sorry for your double loss

Chi Chi and Wawa sounded like wonderful furbabies.We are so very lucky that we had these great pets.Rest easy sweet furbabies and God bless you.All their memories and love will be in your hearts forever.Sweet dreams Chi Chi and Wawa.

- Laddie's mom