A Little Bit About Happy

Breed: Black Labador

Gender: Male

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so sorry for your loss

the truest form of love you ever know is the love of a dog and the greatest gift you can give is to love him back. so sorry for the pain you are feeling over your loss.

- denham dogs mom

Dearest Happy

May you rest in peace now sweet boy. You brought so much joy to your families life that will never be forgotten. Your pain is gone & you can frollick in the sunshine over rainbow bridge. Look up my "Roofy" & play to your hearts content. RIP sweet soul💖

- Scruffy's mamma

Such a sweet boy

Sorry for your loss,Happy was a beautiful boy.You gave him a great home and he loved his family.Rest easy sweet Happy and God bless you.All of Happy's love and memories will never leave your hearts.Sweet dreams baby.He was so special.

- Laddie & Scooby's Mom


Happy we miss you sooo much every single day.

- Love your family