A Little Bit About Yoshi Ronimus Prime Helfrich

Breed: Alaskan Klee Kai

Gender: Male

Best Trick: giving paw

Favorite Pastime: Going for walks

Special Skill: Knowing sound of empty bowl

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Remembrance of Yoshi

I never had the opportunity to meet Yoshi but from the outpouring of Love of friends and family, he was a very special dog and will be very much missed. See you at the Rainbow Bridge Yoshi. You will not be forgotten. 😢😢

- Rick Rozek

Deepest sympathies

Yoshi was such a wonderful pup. Playful, protective, and a pure joy to be around. Saying goodbye is always difficult but please know he’s in my prayers.

- Andy D.

Sending love

So sorry for the loss of your fur baby. Sending you hugs and love

- Love, auntie Patti and aunt donna

So Beautiful

Sorry for your loss,such a sweet boy.May he rest in peach and God has bless him.All of Yoshi love and wonderful memories will never leave your hearts.Sweet dreams Yoshi.

- Laddie & Scooby's mom

Sorry for your loss

Sorry for the loss of such a wonderful little pup. We know Yoshi was your first baby and part of your family. We love you guys and are thinking of you during your sadness. Xoxo The Romito Family

- The Romito's

So sorry

So sorry for your loss. Our pets are family and I too have lost my Jess way too early. Our pain shows us how much love they gave us. My heart breaks for you as for me. RIP Roshi play with my Jess and Mitzi.

- Jessie and mitzi mom

Yoshi was the talk of the town!

Yoshi always caught peoples eye for his unique handsome look & sweet disposition. He was very friendly & let strangers pet him & admire him. He loved the beach walks he went on with his mom Pamela & they were best friends. Such a big heart Yoshi had.

- Erica

Good bye sweet Yoshi!

Dear Yoshi.. I am so sad to hear that you had to leave your loving family. You were needed elsewhere to chase small children and get into trouble! Your family and especially Momma are sad but we all know you had a great life with them! RIP buddy!

- Dustin, Stella and Frankie

A well-loved dog

I never got to meet Yoshi but I know how much he was loved by the stories and photos you shared, Pam. Very sorry for your loss but can surely say he lived a happy life.

- Ian

Broken hearts

Sal and I would like to say how sorry we are. Yoshi was the sweetest little bug. I remember when you got him... I may have offered to steal him. I met him in the parking lot by the tennis courts. The love he gave you was the greatest gift we can have.

- Carole Pucci Goodwin

Forever in our hearts

Yoshi, I've always been fascinated by your unique swirls of grey hues and your striking eye's. The only Alaskan Klee Kai I've ever seen. You brought smiles and laughter to so many. Your love and kindness will never be forgotten. Rest in piece handsome

- Love, Alana and my fur babies

Dear Yoshi

I never met you sweet pup but I have known your mommy along time..I hope you are at peace and out of pain. Please make friends with my Winston up there. Love and treats sweet Yoshi!

- Love Kaley❤

Rest well, Sweet Boy

Rest well, Yoshi. You brought your mom and your family much joy and you will be missed greatly. Please say hi To Barney and Maxamillion in doggie heaven. ❤️🐶❤️🐶❤️🐶

- ❤️ Jen P.

Sweet Yoshi

I enjoyed following you on fb but never met you. Just remember, you will never be forgotten and your hoomans will be reunited with you at the Rainbow Bridge. Til then, run free Little Man.

- Rick B


Though I never had the opportunity to meet you, I enjoyed very much all the photos of you. It was quite apparent that you were VERY loved.May you enjoy long walks on the beach, plenty of cuddles, and toys galore over the rainbow bridge

- Michelle D

Mr. Prime

“Yoshi, you’re just like a man. I want to pet you, you ignore me. Then when I’m doing something else you beg for my attention and scratch at my calves with your little paws!” I loved how eventually you loved me back, kissed my hands and talked

- Auntie Kimberly


So sorry for your loss. Yoshi was so cute. I love your wedding photo when he’s standing on his hind legs. I’m sure your heart is broken and I’m thinking of you in this tough time. ❤️

- Cory

Sadly Missed

Will miss seeing you walking with your Mom and little brothers. Such a sweet dog and an adorable face.

- Your neighbor, Ellen

Dear Yoshi

I never got a chance to meet you Yoshi, but I can see the happiness you brought to the Helfrich family(and I'm sure anyone else who had the honor to meet you).. May the chew toys and balls lay in plenty for you, in the greenest of grasses for eternity..

- Charles

Rest in peace

I will miss seeing your adorable face in my newsfeed. Your mommy loved you very much and you will never be forgotten.

- Michelle F.

Blue Eyed Yoshi

Though I never met you, I enjoyed looking at all the beautiful pictures of you that your Momma posted on Facebook. It was very apparent that you loved each other beyond words. You were so lucky to have each other for so many happy years. RIP Little Yoshi,

- Michele M Shannahan