A Little Bit About Charlie Saenz-Martinez

Breed: Border Collie

Gender: Male

Favorite Toy: Ropes

Favorite Treat: Kraft American Cheese Slices

Best Trick: Making food disappear

Favorite Game: Fetch

Favorite Pastime: Getting back rubs

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I See The Love In His Face

The white in Charlie's face shows the many years of love and memories that you share with him. Our pets become family & when we lose them, it hurts. The pain will ease in time, but Charlie will remain in your heart & thoughts forever. Prayers

- Bailey Fritz Weems Mom

Sorry for your loss

Charlie was a beautiful furbaby so full of love and kindness.Rest easy big boy and God bless you.All of Charlies love and wonderful memories will be in your hearts forever.We never have our furbabies long enough,they give us so much love.Sweet dreams boy

- Laddie & Scooby's Mom