A Little Bit About Trevor

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier

Gender: Male

Favorite Toy: 🍊Ball, GreenBoneThang

Favorite Treat: Dingos,Duck Nudges,🌭

Best Trick: Catching flies with his paws

Favorite Game: Whatever mom is playing

Favorite Pastime: Hangin with mom

Special Skill: Being a piece of Velcro

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Miss U Still So Much

Hello little brown! Hows it going where you are? I hope you get to play all day and have a warm place to snuggle at night. I still feel like Im missing something without you constantly sitting on my foot or leg or wherever you could wedge closest. Love U!

- Your Moms (and Talli says hello too!)

How’s my baby boy brown dog?

Hey Trevs, hope alls well up there. Gonna be a rough week for me here with memories of last year. Gonna try and think of some of the funnest times we had...wonder what ud pick? Doggy beach? Padres game? Maybe just snacks n couch time. Youre my good brown!

- Love and miss you so much!! And so does Talli! Love, Your Mom

Trevor is a cutie!

Trevor is a cutie. His pictures made me smile. I am so sorry for your loss. The first year is the hardest, but in time the pain will ease. You will remember Trevor every day, and he will always be a treasure in your heart. Prayers.

- Bailey Fritz Weems's Mom

My Brown Clown Hound

I miss getting up & hearing thump as you jump onto the floor. Trotting down the hall, collar jingling; the tic-tic-tic of your nails on the tile announces your arrival. You plop that bottom on my foot, yawn, & grin. Phew, you found me. The day can begin.

- I still listen for that thump every morning, I love you forever My Trevor! Mom

Just wanted to say I love my Trevs!

Hey Trevs. Hope you r all settled and have everything figured out by now. I sure wish U could come home for a visit. I still talk about U all the time and even still write down that I have 2 pups wo even thinking. Seems wrong to say just 1. I love you!

- Forever My Trevor, Moms Loves You; Talli misses her brother so much 2!

Happy 4th of July My Trevs

Hi Brown, hope alls well where you are. I know you were never real excited about fireworks down here. U did love a good BBQ though! You are still missed so much every day. I wish you were here, you’d be so busy trying to keep an eye on everyone! I love

- Forever My Trevor, Mom and Talli (who says woowooo to her bubby).


Hey Trevs, I hope you’re having the most fun a brown can have up there. You were my ever vigilant watchman, nothing got past you. Never out of sight for long, I pray you are watching over me and Talli still, my sweet guardian angel with 4 paws and wings

- I still miss you every day. Love you Forever My Trevor, Your Mommma

Just wishing I could say hi

People think I should be over you already. But I’m not. It’s a little easier to think about all the great adventures we had together and not be sad, but there were so many more things for us to see and do. Still missing you my small brown clown. Be Go

- Love my Trevor Forever, your momma

Miss you every day

It was more than 7 months ago, I lost the most fun part of me. Talli and I miss you so much; she hears metal jingle and thinks ur home. Breaks me heart over and over again. We love you, & will see you again. Be a good boy up there, No grrs, not too brown!

- Talli and Mom love you, our Forever Trevor

Such a sweet boy

Sorry for your loss.Trevor looks so loving and kind.We never have these wonderful family members long enough.Rest easy beautiful; Trevor and God bless you.All of his love and great memories will be with you forever.Sweet dreams.

- Laddie & Scooby's Mom


Still thinking about my brown dog. Love my baby boy clown!

- Love, Mom