A Little Bit About Yola Bee

Breed: Dachshund Mix

Gender: Female

Favorite Toy: Raccoon

Favorite Treat: Greenies & tortilla chips

Favorite Game: Looking for "the egg"

Favorite Pastime: Being a sun dog; lounge hound

Special Skill: Reading people's hearts&minds

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Sorry for your loss

Yola Bee was a beautiful girl,These wonderful furbabies are so full of love and kindness.All her love and great memories will be in your hearts forever.God bless you and rest easy.sweet girl.sweet dreams

- Laddie & Scooby,s. Mom

One in a Million

When I first saw Yola at the Human Society, I knew she was full of love and needed a loving home. She was the perfect fit for Hallie and Reade, whose love and care was returned ten-fold by Yola...both in bad and good times, she was always there.

- Love, Grandma

A sweet little dog

Yola was a cute, well mannered and sweet little dog. She was the best of what anyone would want in a companion, always politely waiting to be acknowledged and greet you. I know she will be missed, but never forgotten.

- Greg

she was my little girl

yola will always be with me and she was small but made a big impact on me and my life, and even though it was rough she died in my arms, i think it was how it had to happen, surrounded by her mum and dad, and not in some sterile doctors office.LOVE Always

- reade a gundrman - human father