A Little Bit About Dexter

Breed: White dog

Gender: Male

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Dexter so loved

Dexter is a little teddy bear, so cute & precious! I love your family pics of him. I can see the love & joy in your faces that he brought to you. Dexter is now in heaven watching over you. He will forever be with you; you can feel him in your heart.

- Bonnie Jewel Weems & Bailey Fritz Weems Momma

Lil fella with the BIG heart ❤️

No matter where Dexter lived, he was convinced, he was the neighborhood greeter, so out he would go, to say hello. Rainbow 🌈 Bridge, is even friendlier now with Dexter there. Thank you little guy for all the special moments. You live forever in our

- Lots of Love, Aunt B and all your furry cousins 🐾


Dexter was a beautiful white furbaby,so full of love and kindness.His memories and wonderful love will be in your hearts forever.Rest easy sweet boy and God bless you.Sweet dreams Dexter

- Laddie & Scooby's Mom

Grandpa loved Dexter too!

Dexter was loved by his grandpa who always loved to give him lots of treats!!

- Love, Grandpa

Dexter 💓

Dexter was the sweetest doggo ever. So happy to have known him for even just a little while! So glad he got to spend his life with the best fam. ❤️

- Love, Juliet


I was very fortunate to have known Dexter for all 10 years of his life! He has always been my favorite dog to see at the McClure household. I will miss petting him and carrying him down the stairs:((( I love you Dexy (and McClures)

- Love, Katya


We will love you forever Dex. Have fun in doggy heaven. You can hump as many dogs as you want judgement free. Leia and Mario will come play one day. I'll do my best to take care of Taylor for you but I'm no Dexter. You'll always be with us!

- Love, Kendall