A Little Bit About Jake

Breed: Chihuahua

Gender: Male

Favorite Toy: Daddy's hand

Favorite Treat: Bil jax

Best Trick: Playing with Daddy

Favorite Game: Playing peek a boo

Favorite Pastime: Eating

Special Skill: Break Dancing After Eating

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My Heart Is Breaking

It feels so empty without you. I can still smell you on your little blanket on the couch. I can feel tears come to my eyes every time I think of you. It will be so hard to look at your little bed and you won't be there to keep me company. Love you.

- Mommy

Good bye

Good bye my little fart. I will miss you forever. Say hello to my dad, Tinky, Moe, and Frank. Love John

- John

Mommy Misses You

My little baby one has left me heartbroken!! Life will never be the same without you đź’” You are now in heaven with no more pain with your brother Frank. Daddy and I love you for all of wonderful moments you have given us. Rest in peace my baby one!!

- Mommy

Sad for Your Loss

Jake lived a big, full life with John and Maria. He brought such joy and love he will be so missed. I am sorry for the sudden loss of their best friend. May the happiness they both shared with Jake bring comfort and healing. You have my prayers.

- Love, Rosemary

The hand

I will always remember playing hand with you. I had so much fun.

- Daddy

I miss you little buddy.

I miss my little buddy. We took our last ride together yesterday. I was driving you to the vet and you passed away from a heart attack on my lap. There's no way I was prepared for that. I will think about all the fun we had. See you later. Daddy.

- Daddy