A Little Bit About CHARLIE

Breed: Lemon Beagle

Gender: Male

Favorite Toy: Daddy's Hand

Favorite Treat: Full Moon Savory Beef Sticks

Best Trick: Constantly Smiling

Favorite Game: Catch Daddy's Hand Game

Favorite Pastime: Road Trips to Skyline Drive

Special Skill: Melting Our Hearts Every Day

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A Hole in My Heart

Charlie, I miss you so much. It is so hard to come home to an empty house, instead of your greeting me with your big smile. I still keep your blankets on the couch between Daddy and me. We still have your doggy beds out. Woo woo, Daddy and I love you!

- Love, Mommy


It is raining today, but this memory of you made me smile. When I let you out for potty on a rainy day and you discovered it was raining, you would stop in your tracks, look up at me, and seem to say, "I'm not going out there unless you get wet too!"

- Love and kisses every day! Mommy


Charlie's remains came home today. Thank you for being such a wonderful doggie. I miss you so much! I loved cuddling with you while watching TV, rubbing your belly all the time, and seeing your beautiful smile!

- Love always, Mommy

Coming Home

Charlie came home today. We picked up his ashes. You will always be remembered. Playing hand, belly rubs, your big smile, and reminding me when you're hungry. Woo Woo Woo miss you. Love always, Daddy

- Daddy

Pets make you smile every day

Everything in life happens for a reason. It was meant for Charlie to be with both of you. It takes special people to open their door to a dog that needs the special love and care.

- Mitzi, Bentley and Gracies parents.

So very sorry for your loss of Charlie

Charlie was a beautiful furbaby,I can see the love he had in his eyes.How lucky we are to have had a special love like that.Rest easy and God bless you and your furbaby family.You where all so lucky to have had each other.Sweet dreams Charlie.

- Love Laddie and Scooby mom

So sorry for your loss

The pictures show the love that Charlie experienced in his time with you. I’m so sorry for your loss.

- Aggie’s dad


God will be giving you a new body in Heaven. You will meet your brothers Frank and Jake, two of our rescues who already made this journey. Both are streetwise and they will look out for you. Daddy and I will look for your color streaks in the sky.

- Love and Kisses, Mommy


Remember Charlie, I will always have your favorite treats waiting for you. FILET MIGNON, CHEESECAKE, AND BEEF STICKS. You deserve the best. Love always, Daddy

- Daddy


Charlie, even in his last days, followed me everywhere. I had to go upstairs, and he made the flight of steps even though his leg was sore. He was my constant companion who made my life wonderful.

- Love, Mommy

My little WOO WOO

Charlie, you are a very special dog. I remember the first day we pick you up. You were so happy, we took you shopping for toys, treats, and food. We new that you were an older dog, but you needed a warm loving home. That home was with us. Love you.

- Daddy


We adopted you from a forced surrender, yet you were the most tender doggie I know

- Love always, Mommy


To my Little Woo Woo, My Constant Companion Your twinkling eyes and beautiful smile brightened all my days. Even when you were in pain, you still smiled. Rest in peace, my baby! I miss you already.

- Love always, Mommy