A Little Bit About Ellie

Breed: Pug

Gender: Female

Favorite Toy: chicken flavored nylabone

Favorite Treat: everything-Ellie loved to eat

Best Trick: pretend bathrm runs for treats

Favorite Game: stealing Tessie's food

Favorite Pastime: sleeping and eating

Special Skill: sniffing out hidden crumbs

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Huge loss of a little pug

Carol, My sincere condolences on the loss of your special, little pug Ellie. I know all too well how you feel and it's heartbreaking. Although she is gone from your sight she will always remain in your heart in the little crevice where only she belongs

- Susan McLaughlin

We're so sorry for your loss

We know how much you love Ellie & Tessie. We want you to know that your in our thoughts and prayers.

- Love Susan & Phil

I,m so sorry.

Carol I going to call you right now,I can't believe what I,m reading. I,ll miss her too. She was a loving sweetheart and kind sister. I really speachless. You have our most sincere heatful sorrow for your loss.I wanted to leave her the fruit. she loved .

- Isusan


Carol, I am so sorry to hear about Ellie and my heart goes out to you. I wish I had read these messages then I would have known that it was your dog. So please forgive me. You are in my thoughts and prayers,

- Love, Anne

Deepest sympathy

Carol, I was so sorry to learn of Ellie's passing. I never met her, but I know that losing a beloved family member is hard. We have to grieve. Over time that grief will turn to a sorrow and a loving memory which will last for you forever.

- Nancy

Deepest Sympathies

Carol We were so sorry to hear about Ellie. This will leave a big void in your life but remember all the good times you had together. You were a very good "Mom". Take care.

- Harry and Gratia

Sorry for your Loss

Dear Carol Ann, Ellie sure was one lucky dog to have such a nice and caring owner as you, who would do anything to take care of her. Feel good knowing that you gave her the best life she could have possibly had. Will be thinking of you.

- Love, Chrissy

Remembering Ellie

Although it's difficult today to see beyond the sorrow, may looking back in memory help comfort your tomorrow. -Author Unknown Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

- Love, Dawn and George

such a sad time

oh Carol, i was sorry to read about Elliie passing away... I know it's a hard time for you - no matter how prepared we think we are and even after making that decision, it just so sad - it hurts alot..... I know... I'll be thinking of you

- Louise

Remembering Ellie

Carol Ann, The things I remember about Ellie: Ellie could always look at you with a face that said, "I didn't have enough to eat." Ellie would always dally when it was nice weather and she had to do her business. Sorry for your loss and Tessie's!

- Love, Mary


Dear Carol, I was saddened to hear of Ellie's passing. Only someone who has truly loved their pet can understand your sorrow. Try to remember all the wonderful years you had with her.

- Love, Mary Ann

So sad for you

Dear Carol, I can feel your pain. I'm so sorry to learn Ellie has passed on. She's with my beloved Scoobie now, and they will play together like when they were carefree little puppies. They will always be with us and in our hearts.

- Love, Patricia

My heart goes out to you

My heart is heavy for you - I am so very sorry these things have to happen - no matter how much we prepare it is difficult - we will cry together

- Claire D.

I'm so sorry for your loss

I just had a scare with Potter last night - My heart almost stopped when he fell to the floor in pain - I know how terribly painful this must be for you - they become such an important part of our lives - it's hard to say goodbye

- - Erin