A Little Bit About Lucy

Breed: Miniature Pinscher

Gender: Female

Favorite Toy: Squeaky Stuffed Animals

Favorite Treat: Beggin Strips

Best Trick: Opening Doors

Favorite Game: Licking Wet legs After Shower

Favorite Pastime: Sitting on Mommy's Lap

Special Skill: Climbing Baby Gates

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Miss you

It doesn't get any easier baby girl. I miss you so much and love you so much. Love forever your mommy! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

- Love, Mommy

Miss You More Than Ever

Lucy take care of your cousin Brutus. He's not supposed to be there either and Uncle Bruce and Aunt Diana miss him so much and need to know you will take care of him. You have a cousin with you now so you are not so alone anymore. We love you and miss u!

- Mommy

My Baby Girl

I need you so much right now. I would give anything to have you back. I miss you so much. You are th emost loyal thing in my life I 've ever had and my heart achs for you everyday. A part of me and my soul and existence is missing without you. I love you.


Missing you....9-22-09

Hey Lu: I wanted you to know I think of you every single day! We all miss you very much. It hurts just as much today as it did a few months ago. Please watch over your Mom because she is having a rough time right now! I love you!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

- Love You Always, Aunt Donna

MIss you so much

I wish this never happened everything has changed for me in my life since you have been taken away from me. I miss you so much everyday and my heart is so broken without you. Others may but I will never forget. I love you always and think of you always.

- Love, Your Mommy

Broken Hearted Forever

There is not a day that goes by that I don't cry for you my little baby. I miss you so much and nothing takes away the pain I feel from losing you. I wish I had you back and would do anything for that to happen. Jake really misses you too. Love u always!

- Loving You Every Minute, Mommy

A Month Today

It's been a long hard month without you and I still hurt and miss you so much. It is unbearable without you and I wish I could turn back time. I love you and miss you so much I will never be the same without you.

- Love, Your Mommy

we <3 you

Lucy;you will be missed very much, but never forgotten! everyone loves you very much! But we all know your being taken care of very well up there! <3 *happy belated 10th birthday

- Love always, Jess & Ed

Happy Birthday My Baby Girl

We miss u so much we got u the best b day cake ever & gave u our own little party. Jake ate half of your cake and yes he got sick but he didn't eat the best part which was the picture of u hope u can see your presents & r having lots of bacon in heaven.

- Love Mommy, Daddy, Ricky and Jake

Birthday Girl

Happy10th Birthday Lucy!

- Love, Uncle Duk, Aunt Jean, Lil Dan and Taylor

lucys birthday

Hey lu lu bell your mom mom and pop pop love you and miss you Happy 10th B Day

- love mom mom and pop pop

Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday Little Chicken!!! We miss and love you bunches.

- Jessica & Tiffany

Happy Birthday LuLu!

Hope you're having tons of doggy birthday bones in heaven!!!

- Love Heather and GiGI

Happy Birthday, Lu...To Our Big Cousin!

We will miss U this weekend & every family gathering to follow. U were the only 1 that didn't sacre us when U jumped on us because U were the same size. We will never forget U. We hope U have a nice day and the biggest Doggy Cake Ever!

- Love, Licks & Bacon, Bella & Sadie


2day U would have been 10 yrs old. I'm so sorry U didn't see this day. I know U R safe now but I wish U could be here 2day to celebrate with your Family. I miss U so much & think of U each day. Please watch over & protect your Mommy! She misses so much!

- All My Love, Hugs & Kisses, Aunt Donna


I will miss you :(






I am so sorry for your loss.Words can not express my sincere sympathy for you. Honey you are such a WONDERFUL mommy and Lucy was so fortunate to have you as her Mom and you were as fortunate to have her for the time she was with you. Stay Strong. Love Ya

- Joanne & Scott Brady

Lucy Goosey

you were the most pampered little doggy we ever knew. Your mom and dad took great care of you but unfortunately things happen beyond our control. Remember god only takes the best! May you rest in peace Lucy.

- Love, Kim, Chris, Courtney and Dana

so cute

you are the cutest dog ever...i'm thinking of you and mommy and hope that you have all the treats and toys you could ever want in doggy heaven

- Sarah

i'll miss you

Lucy even if we did not know each other for that long i fell in love with you from the moment i saw you. I always want you to remember that we all loved you and i'll be thinking of you and your mommy. LOVE YOU ! -Marisa

- marisa xoxoxoxox


New Years 2009 in the Poconos. The snow, the cold, Fireworks, Beer, and then the next night & day with my cousins. Bowling was a blast. How about those shoes! I wake to find Lucy staring at me & wondering why her brother is sleeping on my chest.

- Kevin

In Our Thoughts

Erica, We know how much Lucy meant to you. Your are in our thoughts and prayers in this time. She was a good dog and a member of the family that we be missed greatly.

- Aunt Loretta & Uncle John

I am so sorry I know your pain

I know your pain, we lost gidget to a truck after she got free from her collar. I know how much it hurts and I hope you know she is up in heaven with a new friend, she knows you loved her. She had a good life.

- Gidgets Mommy

So Sorry To Hear About Your Loss...

I understand the sad time you are going through. Thankyou a lot for your message, it helped. I'm sure Lucy will be stuffing her face with Beggin Strips right now, and wondering why we all look so sad. I'm sure one day we will see our beloved friends again

- Smudge's Best Buddy!

Our sweet guardian angel!

Lucy, We were never able to meet but my mommy tells me you were a great girl! I promise when i see your brothers i will give them tons of kisses for you! Sorry if i end up torturing them though! Keep watch over all of us pups still here!

- Love Genevieve (GiGi)

Lucy Girl!

You were a great little girl! Your mama misses you tons. Keep your brothers safe for her. Let Bambi and Mandy know we think of them! May you Rest in Peace babygirl! I hope one day Genevieve is as good of a girl as you were!

- Love, Heather

mommys angel

You entered our hearts and started a love none of us knew we would ever have.I hope you are at peace and running though the fields of heaven. You will be greatly missed.God bless you LULU.

- Uncle Mitch and Lauren

our cuzzy

Lucy ,we will always have fond memorys of you.For your size you had more tenacity than a crocodile.U loved ur mom above everything ,as a good dog should. We will remember the good times we had with you. We miss you and we will see u on the other side.

- love,cousin sammy and diesel


Lucy, a faithful companion and a pretty girl. You will certainly be missed. Lucy in the sky with diamonds, shine down on your Mama and help her get through this loss.

- Tracie Kaspar

My Cousin Lucy

Sniff, lick, sniff, panting. Ginger here, your doggie cuzz that you never met, but I smelled you on your Mom and Dad and thought, "I 'd like to meet the dog that matches that scent." We will miss you!

- Ginger the Wonder-Wheaten Terrier Angelo


I remember when I slept over and Rickerford was lying on my feet and you were sitting pretty on the floor looking at me probably thinking "Why are you still here and on my couch?" I think that you liked me but not taking up your spot on the couch.

- Love, Joey Angelo

Christmas 2008

I will never forget Christmas of 2008 when Mommy was dressing all of you for your Christmas picture.Lucy was sitting so nice while the boys we acting up.When I received our Christmas photo you looked so cute lucy.CJ hung it on his bedroom wall.We miss you

- Aunt Kar

Missing Lucy

Miss ya Little lucy

- love Noel

Missing Lucy

we will all miss your little lucy.

- Aunt Karen Uncle Craig CJ

Heaven has a very special angel

To our little precious Lu Lu Bell, Mom Mom and Pop Pop hearts are breaking we wish we could bring you back to us if we had one miracle right now this would be it. We will miss you and love you very much.Keep a watchfull eye over your Mom and Dad luv ya

- Lots of Love Mom Mom and Pop Pop

Lost to soon

To my cuzzy cuz... I will miss you soo much. I wish this didnt happen to you and we got to spend more time together :( I will try as hard as I can to be just as awesome as you are! I love you....woof!

- Tiffy

My Big Cuzzy Cuz

Lu Lee: We will never forget you and will miss you very much. We looked up to you and learned from you. You were a great cousin and we will always remember how smart and pretty you were. We hope you have all the bacon you could ever want..WE LOVE YOU!

- Love Always, Bella & Sadie

Never be the same......

Lu Lu...You really are the best dog & mommy having you made us all want little dogs. I dont understand how this could happen to you, you are so innocent and deserve better. I will always think about you and miss you so much. Rest in Peace baby girl

- Aunt Jessica & cuzzy Tiffany


Lucy I really love u, I am sorry u are up in heaven, I really miss u and I want u to come back to my heart....and I really love u and I want to send u a rose..and i am very sorry I didn't find u..I love u and i really want to hold u

- Juliana Elise Pitts

Lu Lu Belle!!!!!!

Lucy (Double L Bell) we will miss you so much....you were such a precious lil teeny girl... I always think of u lying there on the couch like a little queen... so tiny, but obviously the mother hen, glad I got to see u one last time! rest in peace chicken

- hugs and kisses and treats, Julie< Ronnie

My Niece...You never deserved this.

U were an amazing & smart girl with the best kisses in the world. I never gave up hope that we would find you & I still can't believe u are gone. You were the 1 all of the your cousins aspired to be like! I know you are Happy & Safe Now. RIP Sweet Girl!!

- Love, Aunt Donna

Miss you LuLu

I miss you so much luly. I miss laying with you and sleeping next to you. I wish we could play more and run around the yard together again. I love you and hope i get to see you one day again. Love and miss you, Jake

- jake

From Your Brother

Lucy I miss you so much haven't some out of the cage except for bacon of course but can you blame me I'm licking mommy's tears and boogies (eew gross) for you so don't worry about that and Jake gets on my nerves especially without you to bother

- Love Ricky ALWAYS xoxoxoxoxoxox

Miss you LULU

I miss u sooo much lulu, wish i could hold you again and squeez your little feet. I wish you could scratch at my legs when i come home like you always do. I want you to lick my legs after i get a shower, I will always miss n love you. Daddy

- Daddy