A Little Bit About Levi

Breed: Pug

Gender: Male

Favorite Toy: Rawhides

Favorite Treat: Beef Jerky

Best Trick: Dancing

Favorite Game: "Levi, Who's There??"

Favorite Pastime: Eating, Sleeping, etc...

Special Skill: Snuggling and loving.

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In Memory of Louie

From a family member who just lost a wonderful Pug named Louie.

- Louie's Aunt Diane

Hey Buddy

I came and visited you today. I couldn't help but cry when I was talking to you. I introduced you to Brewer, my new puppy. You will always be the most amazing dog I will ever know. I love you very very much, Levi!

- Mom

My Sweet Levi

Levi was my very first grandson and I will miss him greatly! He may have been a bed hog but I will miss sharing the bed with him on occasional weekends when we got to babysit. Love you forever Levi!

- Love, Grandma

Sure gonna miss you "Big-L"

They say that Pugs have a face only a mother could love, but that's not true! Grandpas love them too! I'm sure gonna miss my little buddy!

- Love, Paul (Grandpa)

Levi is the coolest little man around!

We sure will miss that cute little face and the way he always trotted around so curious!

- Jennifer and Ryan S.

My buddy Levi

I always love visiting my family in Colorado, we are all very close.Levi is very much a part of that family, and will live on forever within our Hearts. He's the most photogenic little guy I've ever known, and I look forward to sharing all I have with you

- Lots a' Love, Uncle Tom

Christmas Pug

Can't forget Levi at Christmas! Not only was he extremely cute, he showed his regal side when he found his perch on the highest back of the most comfy chair, and claimed it! (not the least for scoping out snacks ;-) A loving toast to Levi

- Love, Marie

Levi, I remember when...

... you and Jen came to my house, in my German Shepherd's toybox you found and came proudly strutting into the living room with a HUGE rawhide bone. You managed to jump on the couch with it and proceeded to chew! You made Jen & I laugh! You are loved!

- Marie, Max and Sam

Little Levi..

Oh, Little Levi! I'm so sorry to hear about this. I, too, feel like a part of me is lost after reading this unfortunate story. :( I told Kaiya, and she is going to bring you a special bone to doggy heaven when she comes later on, and she loves you.

- Love, Auntie Daphanie and Kaiya

little levi

Levi, Remember playing with cyrus in the yard for hours on end, chasing kitty, SNORING! Riding in the front seat of the CRX! I will never forget at Lake Powell when I turned my head for a second and my sandwhich was gone. Ha! ~Who will pick up scraps?

- Your buddies, Josh, Rene and Cyrus

lovely little levi

jen, i'm soooo sorry for your loss, he was so precious and sweet, not to mention so smart. he was truly an amazing dog and companion. i will miss him indeed. lots of love to you my dear, its so hard to lose a best friend.

- love, Sarah (for all the food he couldn't eat.... he gets all the tokens!)