A Little Bit About Hobo

Breed: Collie/Shepherd mix

Gender: Female

Favorite Toy: Never really had one

Favorite Treat: Just being petted and loved

Favorite Pastime: Her morning swim

Special Skill: Loving anyone/everyone

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She is there

Hobo is such awesome name. Do not blame your self. Hobo would not want that she sounds like she wasloved very much. She seems smart. She is with you still right near you.

- God bless


I think it is so wonderful that after all this time you pay homage to your Hobo. I recently lost my, Brigid. I just hope that I can keep her as close to my heart, like you have Hobo. So sorry for your loss.

- Mardi - Brigid's mom.


I think it is so beautiful that you pay homage to your beloved, Hobo, after all these years. I recently lost my Dalamatian, Brigid. I will never get over it. I hope that I will always carry her in my heart the way you do Hobo. Sorry for your loss.

- mardi. Brigid's mom