A Little Bit About Banditta Storrs

Breed: Miniature Pinscher

Gender: Female

Favorite Toy: Stuffed squirrel, pig,

Favorite Treat: Anything edible

Best Trick: Roll over/greenway girl

Favorite Game: Try and get my bone

Favorite Pastime: Going to the park

Special Skill: Doing a dance to get mom up

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I noticed your anniversary has just past. I hope all is well, and you're adjusting and making a bunch of friends. Maybe you will meet my little boy, Sgt. Pepper. To Mom: I hope you're doing well. She was a beauty. Spunky little things aren't they? lol

- Sgt. Pepper's Mommy, Keli

Banditta Storrs's,

You were such a beautiful dog. If you ever get lonely Sophie is there to be with you and play. It is so hard to move on when our family members pass on. But one day we will meet again.

- Love Annette - Sophie's Mom

I Love You Baby Girl

I still come here and look at your pictures and see if anyone has come to visit you also......I will never forget you baby girl

- missing you.....momma

my best freinds doggy

when i use to visit bandi would get real excited to see me .when i would call on the phone cris would mention johns on the phone weres john she would always give that special little bark i will miss her verry much.i love and will miss you john

- your freind always john dalton

your loss

deepist sypathy

- brad/lyle

My Baby Girl

My heart aches thinking about how short our time together was. How so attached we both were. Your sweet smile each morning warmed my heart. The wiggle in your butt from the excitement of knowing you were going with me in the car. You brought me joy boo

- missing you with every ounce of my being.......momma