A Little Bit About Sam

Breed: American Eskimo

Gender: Female

Favorite Toy: anything that squeaked

Favorite Treat: pupperoni

Best Trick: Which hand's it in?!

Favorite Game: tug of war and hide and seek

Favorite Pastime: romping at the park

Special Skill: dancing on her hind legs!

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I feel your grief

my eskimo just passed this week 2 weeks shy of her 16TH bday ..loved her so much..i feel like i lost my child..her name was lacy and looked just like yours

- jra

Beautiful Girl

Sammy is so beautiful. I know you miss her as much as I miss my Rex. Hold her close in your heart, she is still with you.

- Beth

so very sorry

so very sorry for your loss of your pretty sammmy girl.( sweet dreams sam rest easy beautiful baby girl) take care sam's love ones

- gypsy's mommy