A Little Bit About Pearle

Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Gender: Female

Favorite Toy: Kong and Nyla bones

Favorite Treat: Dog biscuits and broccoli

Best Trick: Rollover

Favorite Game: Peek-a-boo

Favorite Pastime: Playing with her family

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Thinking of you Pearlie.

Still missing our sweet girl.

- Deb/Mom


what a beautifull girl! and such a sweet face! im terribly sorryfor your loss just knowthat she feels no more pain

- -cocoas mommy

to my girl

Pearle, We have missed you greatly. A little red Staffy named Sammy has come to live with us. Sometimes we make the mistake of calling him by your name. You are still very much in our hearts. If he turns out to be half the friend/dog that you were, we wi

- Dad

I miss you

Hey pearle, I just got home from college a couple days ago...I miss you so much, I hope everything is going great up there. I think about you everyday. Maggie I think misses you the most, she was over yesterday and sad she couldn't find you. I love you

- Robbie

What a Pretty Girl

There's nothing like the Love for a Dog... and the Love from a Dog. Pearle looked like she had a very happy life because of your family. You were lucky to have each other. I'm so sorry for your loss.I have a soft spot for Staffordshires and Bullys.

- Roxy's Mom

forever friends

What a lovely tribute. I can tell she was adored by her family and provided years of consolation, protection, and entertainment. She waits for you at the "Rainbow Bridge" in green meadows filled with squirrels. Thank you for sharing.

- Alicia

Forever bound in love

Pearle taught us much. About love, devotion, loyalty, obedience, intuition and courage. She entertained and protected us. She consoled us in our times of need. I feel her presence even now. Only our Father could have provided such a blessing in our lives.

- Ken

Our hearts go out to you

Thank you for sharing such sweet memories, those who have never had a dog could never understand how they touch and enrich our lives. Our hearts go out to you and Ken and the boys.

- Rosanna Sargent

Heartfelt sympathy

Such a wonderful tribute to an obviously dearly loved and cherrished friend. I will miss seeing Pearle on my monthly visits. She was a comforting presence while I worked.

- Beth


I can't stop thinking about you. I don't know how walking in the house will ever be the same with out you attacking me with kisses. You are the happiest dog I've ever met and I'm sure your even happier now that your with the Lord above.

- I miss you immensely, Giuliana


I miss you Pearle. You've made us pretty sad especially mommy but we all know you're in a happier place. I hope you eat treats for breakfast lunch and dinner, in other words, don't change :-P.

- love, Robbie

Rest in peace Pearle

Such a cute doggie! I'm sure Pearle's in a sunnier place now, chasing little angel squirrels and no longer in any pain. And she'll always live on in your hearts and happy memories.

- Kimberly

Pearlie Werlie

Such a touching story -- it's so tough to lose our pets -- they really are part of the family. Love and Prayers...

- Jayne

I'm sorry for your loss...

Pearle looks so sweet. It's a shame our little friends can't always be with us. The picture of her walking reminded me of my beloved Pugsly, whom I lost 6 months ago. I wish you the best during this sad time.

- Mario, Pugsly's dad