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Beemer, Christmas Eve 1991, Photo by Aunt Ellen

Beemer (German Shepherd)

Age 12, d.

My name is Beemer, after the expensive German cars and motorcycles.

Nickname: Da Beem, The Prince of Playtime, The Baron of Ball

Roxie's 'Hollywood Close-up' on our... er, her... sofa.

Roxie (German Shepherd)

Age 10, ~1979 - March 24, 1989

This is Roxie, a runt-of-the-litter lady-dog with alpha-dog attitude.

Nickname: Tish, Princess

Max (German Shepherd)

Age 11, February 02, 1991 - January 31, 2002

Good hearted, lovable, and loving.

Nickname: Maxwell Smart

Duke Edward 1 (German Shepherd)

Age 11, December 09, 1997 - June 09, 2008

Duke Edward 1 was a wonderful dog. He had 11 great years on earth. I will miss him so much.

Nickname: Dukie, Baby Huey

commander NASA lee (German Shepherd)

Age 15, d.

Nasa was truely mans best friend , but he addored his two mommies, Aimee & Kelly. he will be missed.

Nickname: black sheppie cowboy, sheppie boy,nassie, demon,

1st place obedience class winner

Bavarian Mountain Wolf (German Shepherd)

Age 10, February 10, 1998 - August 25, 2008

I know you're happy now Beemer with grandpa and Lucky and Jasmine but I sure do miss you by my side.

Nickname: Beemer

kane (German Shepherd)

Age 10, September 10, 1998 - July 12, 2008

the love of my life

Nickname: baby boy

toots (German Shepherd)

Age 9, April 17, 1999 - July 12, 2008

miss you my shadow!!

Nickname: baby girls -baby dolls

i love you body

Fang (German Shepherd)

Age 13, ~1995 - September 04, 2008

we all love you fang you are now in heaven with ginger and jade. may you watch over us

Nickname: fanger banger

My best girl

Amelia (German Shepherd)

Age 12, ~1996 - April 05, 2008

Love always baby. See you soon at Rainbow Bridge so keep watch. XOXOXO