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our baby

Gunther (Great Dane)

Age 5, ~2003 - October 08, 2008

Gunther was the most patient little guy, enduring more then any animal should ever have to

Nickname: Gunny


Frankie (Great Dane)

Age 14, ~1995 - June 09, 2009

Going to miss you so much Frankie. You were the greatest boy and we are going to miss your sweet fa

Nickname: Frank, Francis, Reet

Gilbert (Great Dane)

Age 1, April 27, 2009 - October 30, 2009

We will miss you gilbert! Run free with your brothers!

Nickname: Boo Boo, Gil, Gilbert

Mia (Great Dane)

Age 14, d.

Crazy. awesome. loud barking. beauty.

Max, the first weekend with me - his new toy!!

Max (Great Dane)

Age 9, ~2002 - August 15, 2011

Max, you are in my heart forever. Run over that bridge, buddy, and enjoy your new body. Love you.

Nickname: Maxie, Sweetsie

Abby and Sarah

Abby (Great Dane)

Age 5, April 11, 2005 - March 07, 2011

Love you always and forever. We miss you every day. You were beautiful inside and out.

Nickname: Abs, Moose, Horse, Stinky dog

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Tazz (Great Dane)

Age 9, June 29, 2001 - August 19, 2010

While he lives cherished in our memories, he is never far away.

Handsome dog!

Brutus (Great Dane)

Age 5, November 13, 2004 - August 10, 2010

We miss you,Big dog!

Studwell and his Daddy

Studwell Harley Key (Great Dane)

Age 9, May 10, 2003 - July 20, 2012

We miss you very much, You gave us the best 9 years 2 months and 10 days of our life.

Nickname: Baby Bear

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Clyde Belle's Royal Jester (Great Dane)

Age 7, ~2005 - November 04, 2012

He was a big baby who was loved by his family. He was a big ole goofball and was very protective.