A Little Bit About Roxie

Breed: German Shepherd

Gender: Female

Favorite Toy: Socks

Favorite Treat: Steak

Best Trick: Leapt into the car thru window

Favorite Game: Rough-housin' with other dogs

Favorite Pastime: Sleeping upside-down

Special Skill: Wastebasket-raiding pro

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My nine yr old granddaughter, * we have raised 9 yrs* is crying about her best friend Bandit, who passed around 4 yrs ago, she just doesnt understand why he is gone. I came to look to find other dogs that look like Bandit . My heart goes out to you

- Brenda and Trinity


I read your story she was a pretty girl looking at her photo laying on couch taking it easy.Roxie hope you and Mariah meet and have tons of fun. My GSD passed July 27 2010 she was 16 years old.

- Mariah mom

To Roxie's Parents...

I have a 15 year old dalmatian. Last night, i dreamed that she died. I was crying my eyes out, and decided to get online, and it lead me here. Ya'll were Roxie's Angels on Earth...and now she's an Angel in Heaven! I love your page, and sympathize ur loss.

- Nina Swilling

Roxie was the best

Roxie would bark whenever you said "aardvark". That was the coolest thing.

- -Steve


Roxie you are such a beautiful doggie

- Gabriella