A Little Bit About Freeway

Breed: German Shepherd/Bassett Hound Mix

Gender: Male

Special Skill: Farfel jaw-snap (Nestle's ad)

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sooooooh cute my favorites are germansheperds.

- love,helen and caroline

Handsome boy

What a handsome boy.My girl was 16 she just passed July 27,2010 her back legs went out and we were using a harness she didn't like the store bought so I made her one she loved it.

- Mariah ~Mom!!!!


What a beauty........my Shepherd mix was the same way about his feet. I lost my Milo just two days ago, maybe he will meet freeway up in heaven.

- Milo' s mommy

What a hero!

I'm sure Freeway is still watching over you. He sounds like he was a wonderful boy.

- Lazarus (aka JuJu)'s mom