A Little Bit About Russell Farley "Sam"

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier

Gender: Male

Favorite Toy: Ball

Favorite Treat: Breakfast with the neighbors

Best Trick: Cockroach Sleeping

Favorite Pastime: Hanging Out in the Pool

Special Skill: Climbing the fence

Messages From Friends

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The poem is so cute

So sorry for your loss. I just lost a Jack Russsell too. She was a long haired one just like yours. Have you ever read The Rainbow Bridge? Look it up. It's another one that has words to it just like we are thinking and feeling as people who lost pets

- Paula (Flufatina Christina's mom)

Thank you.

I have recently had a tragic lost and your poem helps give me some comfort. Sam IS a beautiful boy. Maybe he is playing with my little one since his two best friends were Jack Russells.

- Lazarus (aka JuJu) mom

Handsome pup

That one brown ear is just adorable.

- Mike

Such a lovey boy!

I had the pleasure of "Sam-sitting" a couple of times. Sam was such a bundle of fun. He'd run and run! When he was all tuckered-out, he'd roll onto his back and snooze. Because his breathing was so quiet, he really reminded me of a dead cockroach.

- "Aunt" Joanie

To Sam's Mommy...

Sam was a lucky boy because he got to share life with a wonderful human, he trained you well so that in time when there was room again in your heart, another boy could come to give you love. Sam he will never be and rightfullly so. Sam, a life well lived.

- A friend from Florida