A Little Bit About Shania

Breed: Rottweiler

Gender: Female

Favorite Toy: Her Baby Rotty

Favorite Treat: Bacon and Eggs

Best Trick: fetch

Favorite Game: chase

Favorite Pastime: Lying in the Sun/ Swimming

Special Skill: Extremely compasionate

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cant get over you

baby girl, Riley is getting so big, and james, is too, trace will be a year old next month and I know you would have had a blast with him. Ive often thought of adopting another dog, but I feel like I would be betraying you, Riley misses you so much,

- Good night moo, I know we will be together again,

Still thinking of you

hello moo puppy, i know you are chasing squirrels in heaven and loving every minute of it. there is not a day that goes by that i dont think of you. you were the first positive thing to ever happen to me, I love and miss you so much i love you,

- love Dad,

Still thinking of you,

It has been over a year ago since I lost you, I know you are running in heaven little girl, I think of you every day....every time James or riley drops something I still expect to see you come running to grab it up.. I miss you so much...

- Daddy,

Goodbye my baby

I miss you so much baby girl..........

- Love Daddy