A Little Bit About Greta

Breed: Boston Terrier

Gender: Female

Favorite Toy: Kickball or Purple Goblin

Favorite Treat: Cheese

Best Trick: Singing "I Love you"

Favorite Game: Keep away

Favorite Pastime: Snuggling

Special Skill: Singing

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Miss you baby girl

Greta my beba, missing you so much. Your memories are all over our Christmas tree....you will never be forgotten. Hope you know how much you are loved...then and still. I look at your picture Auntie Crista painted each day...my beautiful BT. Love you!

- Mommy

Miss you sweet girl

Honey...Been thinking of you so much lately. Saw a double rainbow and thought of you. Still can't believe you are not here with me....wish you were. Hope you are now sitting on Grandma June's lap....she said she would find you. Miss you both tremendously.

- Mommy


Just joined the group as I have now become a mom of a loss child. My dog was just that for me. Seeing pictures of your dog somehow gave me a moment of no tears,no hurt just a smile on my face,for just a moment. I hope your family are coping and healing.

- Jamale

Miss you my baby girl.......

A heart of gold stopped beating...two shining eyes at rest...GOD broke our hearts to prove...HE only takes the best...GOD knows you had to leave us...but you did not go alone...for part of us went with you...the day HE took you home.

- Mommy XOXOXO

Miss you so, baby girl

Greta- It's been two years, the pain has not gone away. I wish I could take that day back.....I would not have left you there. I hope you know you were a great pup, and we love you tremendously...always. Hope you are enjoying heaven, until we meet again.

- Love you baby girl! Love-Mommy

If I could go back one year......

Greta- Mommy misses you baby girl. Without you my life is not whole. I miss your sweet seal face, your sloppy kisses, and your happy go lucky nature. I know you are often here with us...guiding little Wally. I hope you feel my tears as love for you.

- Love and miss you sweet baby girl, Mama

My tears are shed for you....constantly

My baby girl.....I cry for you each day. It is soooo difficult not having you around to light up each day, to say I love you, to give me lickey kisses. I know you are in my heart but I so wish you were here to hold. We will never forget you, beba. Love u.

- Mommy

Saying Hello

Jackson and Joey say Hi, and hope you are happy in your new home.

- Love, Lisa, Dan, Hannah, Joey, and Jackson

Still Miss You, Greta

The pool this summer won't be the same without you floating around ..We still keep the treat box full for you...

- Love, Grandma & Grandpa


I'll never forget how excited you would get when we all came to visit. Then there were the never ending figure 8's. I never mean't it when I said I would send you back to Boston if you didn't behave yourself. "Dogspeed"

- Uncle Pat

Our Surfer Dog

This brought back so many memories. We will always remember Greta "surfing" on her blue floatee in our pool! She did like summer in our backyard. We enjoyed having her any time of the year. Greta was cute, lovable & very smart. We too miss her so much!

- Love, Grandma and Grandpa

The Sweetest Face

What a sweet face on little Greta! I can see in her eyes how much she adored you. So sorry for your loss.

- Teresa & Bogie

so sorry for your loss

I know exactly what you mean about the heart aches and cuddling and sleeping is not the same with one less, definately not!! She is so cute and I am so very sorry for your recent loss.

- Paula (Flufatin's mom)

Gone too soon....miss you Greta.

Greta, its been 2 months and the pain has not gone away. My heart aches for you. I miss you my little seal face! Please, run and find all the others in doggy heaven! Your life was way too short on earth, enjoy the Rainbow Bridge until we meet. Love you!

- Mommy......XOXOXOX


What a beauty....sorry for your loss. Bostons are the best dogs...They love everyone!!

- BT Lover Forever, Lorrie