A Little Bit About Chug

Breed: Mixed

Gender: Male

Favorite Toy: stuffed Garfield

Favorite Treat: MEAT!!

Best Trick: Tricks were beneath him

Favorite Game: Asking for treats

Favorite Pastime: Getting massages

Special Skill: Opening my heart

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... his eyes done, continued

My message got cut off, so here's the rest of it: Those were the days when they could really run and run. By now they've probably hooked up in dog heaven, and are sniffing each other for that hint of familiarity.

- Carmen Winslow, 'mom' of the late, great Dot

"Best Dog at Wedding"

CHug was our "best Dog" at our wedding in 1996. He had his own bowtie and seemed to like dressing up. He always had a "to cool for school -look" Everyone said that CHug was always poised and picturesc in photos. It wasn't vanity, he was just good-looking!

- Jennifer Racicot Bardsley

"training Chug"

When Chug was a pup, I would run down the stairs of (my now wife) Jen's appartment with him in my hands peeing (him not me) as I ran, but I trained him finally. After that, I wasn't able to train him to do much else. He was stubborn as a mule.

- John Bardsley

The dog who had his eyes done

One of my favorite memories of Chug is that he had his eyes done. A little cosmetic surgery never hurt anyone. Chug could see better after that (all the skin taken away). I also remember mountain biking with him and Dot. Those were the days when they coul

- Carmen Winslow, 'mom' of the late, great Dot