A Little Bit About Zildjian Nichol Rice

Breed: Golden Retriever

Gender: Female

Favorite Toy: Bear, Ball, Actopus, Frisbee

Favorite Treat: Bones, Beggin Strips

Best Trick: Getting Ball Out Of Pool

Favorite Game: Playing Ball, Fresbee, Swimmin

Favorite Pastime: Laying Out Side, Loveing Us

Special Skill: Shake, Speak

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Zil, you are greatly missed by your family and everyone you playwith. i loved playing tug with you and giving you hugs. You will hear your daddy playing his drums in doggy heaven with Giz.

- Mike, Martha & Scooter Mikdiff

missing you!!

hey my little zil, how are you doing? mama misses you very much!! are you and gizzy getting along??lol just wanted you to know i love & miss you so much!!! make sure you & gizzy are there to greet me when it's my time. love you zil.

- love,mama

What a sweet old girl

I was just flipping through the pictures reading notes about dogs when I saw her picture and she reminded me of my old girl "Sage" who died 3-3-2010. I was really impressed that you have entered your thoughts and such on a log, over time. Nice touch!

- Croman

Hey Boo Girl

Just Showing Some Love To Ya. I Miss Ya Like Crazy. Hope Your Having Fun Up There. Love Ya Boo Girl. MMWWAAHH Hugz And Kisses.

- Sissy SUmmer

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Sissy. I Love You An Miss You Alor. Hope You Liked Your Balloon I Got You For Your Birthday. I Knew It Was Something That Would Last A Long TIme. Well Sissy Im GOing To Go Just Wante 2 Say I Love You And Miss Ya. Love Sissy.

- Sissy Summer

Hey Sissy

Hey Sissy. Things Are Crazy Down Here For Me. Just Keep Watching Over Me. Thanks For Being With Me During All This. I Love You Sissy. Good Night Boo Girl Sleep Wit Da Doggy Angels, Sweet Dreams Of Us. XoXoXoXo

- Ur Sissy Summer

we miss you

hey zildjian pretty girl ,i seen you born and seen you get taken care of very very well sorry i wasnt there at the end girl but mom and dad did a wonderful job with you.you was the happiest dog i know.rip, we will give gismo 2 bones,have fun up there

- love matt white

Hello Sissy

Hey sissy how are you doing? its been a few days since I have come to talk to you. Things are going okay I guess. I have to go back to work tuesday which I dont want to but have to. Nothing much going on down here. Still missing you like crazy. I love you

- Sissy Summer

Missing you

Hi Zildjan It's me again.I put in one message. But I don't know if I did it right or not.Anyway we love you and miss you.

- Love Mama and Grandpa Mike

Missing you

Hi Zildjan It's me again.I put in one message. But I don't know if I did it right or not.Anyway we love you and miss you.

- Love Mama and Grandpa Mike

missing you

Zildjian Mama and Grandpa Mike miss you so much .Between you and me you were my pick. we love you. Have fun in doggie heaven.We love you very much.

- Love Mama and Grandpa Mike

Hello Sissy

Hey sissy I just wnated to say hello and let you know I love you.. Thanks for being with me today at the dr. Hopefully everything comes back okay.. Keep watching over the fam even aunt brenda.. Love You good night, sweet dreams of us, sleep wit da angels

- Summer

Good Night Sissy

Hey sissy just wanted to tell you good night, sweet dreams of us, sleep with the doggy angels. Ill talk to you tomorrow. Love you boo girl :) mmwwaahh xoxoxo

- Sissy

Good Night

Just Wanted To Say Good Night Sissy. Ill Write You More Tomorrow. Sweet Dreams Sleep WIth The Angels. Love You Boo Girl

- Your Sissy Summer

Missin You

Boog Girl I Love And Miss You. Its Not The Same Without You. Love Ya JoJo

- Your Bubby JoJo

My Boo Girl

Hello my boo girl. Me and daddy miss you so much. We think about you every day. I found your frisbee the other day, I remembered how much you use to love to play catch with dad. You would jump up so high and catch it & bring it back for more. Good nite.

- We Love you & miss you bunches, Mommy and Dad

My Sissy

I Miss You So Much SIssy. You Were A Woderful Dog Of 13 Years. Ill See You At The Rainbow Bridge When Its My Time To Go.. I Love You Boo Girl And I Think Of You Daily.. xoxoxo mmwwaahh

- Your Sissy Summer

Greetings Zildjian,

It's The Mick. I left my mommy on 02/24/09 so I know how hard it's been for her. Let's get together and play ball, tug -o- war, and lay out in the sun while we watch over our parents.

- The Mick's Mommy