A Little Bit About Lucy

Breed: Boston Terrier

Gender: Female

Favorite Toy: The Ferrets

Favorite Treat: "cookies" - milk bones =)

Best Trick: Ringing her bell to go outdoor

Favorite Game: playing with Mack

Favorite Pastime: napping in the sun

Special Skill: unconditional love

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Miss you Lucy

Little Lou...we miss you so much. You were the sweetest girl ever and we think about you all the time.

- love, mom

So sweet.

Little Lucy was absolutely adorable. There's something so special about Bostons - they bring us so much joy. So sorry for your loss.

- - Teresa

Hi Lucy,

It's The Mick here. I've been here since 02/24/09. My eyes are all better and I'm back to my old Stud-Muffin Self. My whole family is still back there (Mamma,Mouse,Missy,Macy,Mandy,Merlin,MIcha & Dempsy), I was the first to go. I'll look for you...

- The Mick's mommy

Mackie misses Lucy....

He was sort of looking for her this morning.

- Jen

Goodbye Lucy

Lucy, You will be so missed. You were a great dog and we were lucky to know you. I wish I could have said goodbye to you.

- Love, Katie

Miss you Lucy

Lucy, You were a good dog and we were lucky to know you. Goodbye.

- Love, Katie