A Little Bit About Bonnie Jewel Weems

Breed: Cocker Spaniel

Gender: Female

Favorite Toy: ball and lambchop

Favorite Treat: human food

Best Trick: catching a ball (blind dog)

Favorite Game: fetch

Favorite Pastime: belly rubs & eating

Special Skill: Everyone thought u could see

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Sad for you

Hi Bonnie Jewel, I think of you every day, and I am so very sad missing you. Today is Bailey's birthday, and I hope he teaches you how to catch bubbles, his favorite game! I love you, and you will forever be in my heart, my sweet Jewel!

- Forever In My Heart, Moma

My Sweet Bonnie

Bonnie Jewel you are pretty as a peach! I love & miss you so much. I wore my bracelet with your picture n it today. I know you are in heaven with Bailey, both watching over me. Brinkley misses you a lot & so does Roger. You will always be in my heart

- Love You Always, Momma

Happy 8th Birthday!

Happy 8th Birthday Bonnie Jewel. I never imagined that you wouldn't be here for your 8th birthday. I know in my heart that you are well & that you can see now. Have fun playing fetch & catching a ball, your favorite fun time. I love you sweet girl!

- Forever In My Heart, Momma

Beautiful Bonnie Jewel

Sweet Bonnie Jewel you were a gorgeous boy and gave your mom so much love. She misses you so very much but knows it was your time to go so that you were no longer in pain. Keep visiting her at night to lick her tears away. We love you lots xxx

- Love Samm, Muff & Ches

Missing You

Good Morning Bonnie, You have been gone 1 week today, & it still hurts. I just can't believe my little Jewel is gone. You are still pretty as peach & I love you with all my heart.

- Your Momma, forever in my heart

So sorry

Bonnie will always be beautiful and loving,she was such a strong girl.Rest easy sweet furbaby and God bless you.All of Bonnie's love and wonderful memories will be in your hearts forever.You're right she is pretty as a peach.Sweet dreams dear Bonnie.

- Laddie & Scooby Mom

Sweet Bonnie Jewel

You will be truly missed by all of your human family and friends. RIP you beautiful sweet dog. With all my love, Sherry


Bonnie Jewel

You are loved so much, by your family...and us, your extended family. I am amazing at how brave and strong you were through everything you went through. There is a special place for you sweet BonnieJewel, sending my love to you and your Mama..XO

- Love Lynn, Odis, Buddy, Foxy, Lola and Willow XO

Bonnie Jewel

You are loved so much.., knowing the love your Mama had for you, made us love you too, through everything...you were strong and had a strong spirit and we are so proud of you. Thinking of you and your Mama....

- Love Lynn, Odis, Foxy, Buddy, Willow and Lola XO

Beautiful Bonnie

What a gorgeous girl you are and how lucky you were and are to have such a Special Mom. Her heart is breaking but she loves you so much she let you go. Run free precious girl.

- Holly

Sweet Bonnie

Dear sweet Bonnie, your mom misses you so much, but she will see you again at the rainbow bridge and what a reunion that will be. Run free, little one.

- Andrea Jamison

My Strong & Brave Little Gril

Bonnie, you were always strong & brave thru all your sickness. You were my little girl, and I hurt for you. I know that you now can see and that you are with Bailey and my Mother. My Mother has 2 grandpuppies in heaven with her. Forever in my heart.

- Bonnie Jewels Momma