A Little Bit About BRINDLE

Breed: staffordshier terrior

Gender: Female

Favorite Toy: all

Favorite Treat: steak

Best Trick: sit, come,

Special Skill: getting OUT of Anywhere she wa

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Brindle Brindle

I LQQK into your eyes.. and see the love.. You came into our yard and stayed with us 13 years.. NEVER on a chain and free in the yard.. I hope & pray.. i see you again.. i know you are with Molly and am sure still having fun.. take care of each other..xox



you just came into of yard and stayed in our life for 13 years.. dont seem like you been go9ne all these years.. I still see all the places you destroyed getting OUT of the house.. but i smile and miss you..hope you are HAPPY and i see you again .xo


Sorry for your loss

Brindle was a handsome boy,full of love and kindness.You were so lucky to have a friend like that.Rest easy sweet Brindle and God bless you.Sweet dreams baby

- Laddie &Scooby. Mom