A Little Bit About Beemer

Breed: German Shepherd

Gender: Male

Favorite Toy: Sticks

Favorite Treat: Steaks

Best Trick: Communicating with barks

Favorite Game: Throw/Fetch Sticks

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Even more beautiful and classy than a Beemer!!! RIP

Sounds like your second chance at life was the best ever. What a lucky dog and family to have such a beautiful loving dog. When you go before us, all that is left is memories and love and thankfulness for the days you shared. Oh what wonderful days!

- poem on Booty(white cockapoo) and Bebe(dachshund) page. Mommy in Oklahoma City


what a beautiful dog . beemer must have been a very loved dog. it should bring great comfort knowing you gave him such a great life. every dog deserves that kind of love.

- denham dogs mom

You are gorgeous

Beemer you are a gorgeous German Shepherd, and you brought great happiness to your family. My Bailey died 12 weeks ago & I know the pain of lossing a pet. Bailey was family, just like you. You will always be in the hearts & memories of your family.

- Bailey Fritz Weems's Momma


I read your story about Beemer handsome child.I lost my 16 year old girl July 27,2010 one morning she woke she couldn't move her back legs so we started walking her with a harness.How do you move on?

- Mariah Mom


Beemer was certainly my buddy... My favorite doggy friend...

- Love, Tara