A Little Bit About Hobo

Breed: Mixed

Gender: Male

Favorite Toy: Tennis ball

Favorite Treat: Chew-Eez

Favorite Game: Get the ball, Hobie!

Favorite Pastime: Garbage picking

Special Skill: Deflating tennis balls

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Peace love and Empathy to beautiful Hobo

God blessed you with Hobo, and he blessed Hobo with you! May your memories of him bring you joy in the years that go by, for I have found that long after the tears, what remain is Love and thankfulness for the days you had together. RIP Hobo.

- read their page (Bebe(dachshund) and Booty(White cockapoo) Mommy


he has a beautiful face. what a blessing to have found each other. every time i got a stray, a throwaway or a pound pup. i would say god blessed me with this dog. and blessings they were.

- denham dogs mom

Magnificent and adorable

Hobo is truely adorable..the world could use many more families like yours who give there love and welcome this amazing breed into their homes..Hobo was blessed to have you as you were to have him, may he rest in peace.

- Bijlis' Mommy

thank you for doing what you did with Hobie

i am sure he had great years with you. :)

- jesse

Hobo, you remind me of my Milo.....hope you meet him in heaven!

Hobo sounds like he was reincarnated into my Milo-bear. Milo passed last May (2010). He also had jumped out of a 2nd story window but we had all been away at work. Took less than 20 minutes to find him chasing cats a block away.

- Milo & Chim-chim's mom


Hi Hobo you were a handsome big boy,my girl just passed 7-27-2010 she was 16 teach her some new tricks she enjoy running;playing with toys and eating treats.

- Mariah Mom


Hobo was lucky to have you for his family. Kind & caring people who loved him for who he was! I'm giving Hobo a juicy steak to enjoy, no garbage scraps for Hobo today in heaven!

- Julie