A Little Bit About Meika

Breed: Japanese Chin

Gender: Female

Favorite Toy: Budha - a stuffed monkey

Favorite Treat: Pounce cat treats & chicken

Best Trick: Giving a high 5

Favorite Game: chasing the laser light

Favorite Pastime: sleeping

Special Skill: doing Chin spins when happy

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Loving Tribute to Meika

This is a lovely tribute to your fur baby Meika. Even in the short time she was with you she loved you and brought to you her unconditional love. Now that she has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, Meika will be there to meet you when it is your time to pass.

- LOL, Sandee' in TX


What a sweet baby girl. She was way too young to leave for the Rainbow Bridge. But she has left everlasting memories for you.

- Gale Rehbein

our loved chins

this is a beautiful page to honor your sissy. i feel your pain, i just lost a lemon/white chin last year that looked alot like yr baby. and now i have recently bought a new puppy with your same name "meeka". our loved ones will always remain in our hearts

- traci

Lil Meika

You are feeling the loss of a loved companion. Soon you will be able to smile at the wonderful memories that you have of Meika. It is hard to loose a pet, but, would have been worse never to have had her. Look forward to the memories. Love ya, Sis. .

- Sheilla Jane

Goodbye Little Meika

Wendy, Meika's love for you will always be there and she will will be waiting for you. I will miss seeing her enjoying laying in the sun and walking around the yard.

- Lisa

Godspeed little Meika

Dear Wendy, Meika will be forever in your heart. Wonderful memories of her will bring both tears and smiles. What a beautiful girl. She now walks side by side with my Chin, Bandit, who went to the bridge last year. Godspeed little Meika.

- Nancy Derrig, Truffles,Tillie,PJ,Indy,Mr.Big,Nelly,Tallula,Tobias & Koji

Meika's Spins

Wendy, She is, indeed, a cutie ! When you feel a breeze mess up your hair, or hear a rustle of leaves, that's Meika doing her Chin Spin just for you. She loved you then and she loves you still. One day she will bounce into your loving arms again.

- Uncle Rog

Meika In My Eyes

I have been Meika's groomer for the past 2 years. She was such a little hellion when I would pick her up at her home to bring her to the shop for her beauty appt. But once we were together she was always the perfect lady. Until next time little one.

- Love, Julie


Meika is happily playing, in no pain, and having fun with all my chins who too pasted over the Rainbow. Meika will be there to greet you again when you too pass over to be with her again. She loved you as much as you loved her. It was a true friendship

- Love, Sandee', Nikkei, Yoshi, Meiko, and foster Pip

To Know A Chin Is To Love A Chin

A new Star shines over the" Bridge" now, she is called Meika and she shines to help her friends both human and animal find their way.

- Pepper T.