A Little Bit About Baby Huey

Breed: Mastiff

Gender: Male

Favorite Toy: Big Ball

Favorite Treat: Ice Cubes

Best Trick: Goobers & Slinger Aiming

Favorite Game: Get the Ballie

Favorite Pastime: Snoring on Couch

Special Skill: Smile Greeting

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Sending a little prayer

Just wanted to send a little prayer to you.

- Linda

So sorry for your loss

What a beautiful boy. I know you miss him so much. I lost my Rose on Jan.4 of this year and I have such a big hole in my heart. I miss her every day. I am sure Rose is meeting Baby Huey in Heaven and they are playing and running all over the place.

- Linda

Sorry for your lose

I just lost my 17 year old black lab on Tuesday. I understand exactly how you feel through your messages. The tears come often now, but hopefully they will go away someday. I will cherish everyday I had with Abby and will always miss her.

- Sue, mom of black lab mix


Are you the one who left Bogey a message? Hope I have the right one, if so thank you so much, it means alot.I'm wondering will the pain cease,will the tears dry? I miss my Baby Bogey Boo SOOOOOOO MUCH! Reading your posts you miss Baby Huey as much too.

- Bogey's Moma (01/02/10)

A thought for you

What a beautiful boy. May you find comfort and peace in the knowledge that you have given him the best of love and care in his time here on earth.

- michael ( owner of Beau )

Aug. 28th, 2010... It's been 6 months since you left us...

and it feels like you have been gone for years. We miss you so much, I miss you desperately. Nothing's the same since you left....I will never forget you my baby....I'll see you at the bridge....I'll be the one with the burger, fries and kisses. Love you.

- Mommy

Kisses my Baby Boy....

It'a 5 months since you've been gone and Christina's birthday...we all miss you so much, but I the most. I still have a hard time understanding that you're gone...I miss you terribly...it's difficult to bear...I love you my baby...mommy loves you so much.

- Mommy will never forget you...never.

4-28-10...4 months

have passed since you left. I miss you so much. It feels like an eternity since you've been gone. I love you and miss you. I look forward to thunder, I always think of you. I wish you would visit me in my dreams..I wish it every night. Kisses my baby.

- Mommy Loves you so much.

I feels like such a long time....

...since you left. It's almost 4 months that feel like years. I miss you terribly. Wish you were here...I miss your soft ears. It stormed the other day...i thought of you...I hope your happy up there. Be well my sweet baby.....I Love you.

- Mommy

It's my birthday.....

....baby boy...wish you were here. I miss you so much.

- Mommy


...is 3 months since you went to the bridge. I miss you sweet boy....I love you so much. It hurts just as much today...does time heal all? I'm not convinced. It thundered yesterday, you were playing hard up there. Don't forget me...cause I can't.

- Mommy

Baby Boy....

...I miss you....desperately.

- Mommy

In remembrance of Baby Huey

Thank you for sharing in our sorrow as we share in yours. Baby Huey looks and sounds like such a big sweetheart. "Their passing leaves heartaches noone can heal, but our love for them leaves memories noone can steal". Thoughts & prayers with you.

- Anela's Family

Thank You For You Kindness

We Love 'em So Much and Miss 'em So Much. It's the Kindness of Others From Those Who Truly Understand That Helps. All Our Furry Babies Can Play and Rest Together. Thank You So Much. Baby Huey RIP What A Beautiful Face

- Roxy's Mom

It's Mother's Day today......and I miss you so much.

..I miss kissing your soft ears and hugging your big head baby boy. I Love You so much. Linda who just lost her Annie says the thunderstorms are caused by all the playing you guys are doing in heaven. We had a loud thunderstorm and I though of you. Kisses

- Mommy 5-9-10

Today is 2 months....

....since you passed...and it feels like years. I miss you terribly. I hope your happy up there my baby. I wish you were here...but you're not and it's something I can't get used to. I love you and think about you all the time. 4-28-10

- Mommy

Nothing is the same....

....my baby boy. Nothing is the same without you. I miss you and will always love you.

- Mommy

Thank You!!!

Thank you for your kind words on Bogey's page..I miss that little baby so much, some days are harder than others. How have you been? Hope all is ok! again thank you it helps bear the pain with a few kind words of a stranger..God Bless

- Bogey's Moma (04/11/10)

Sooo sorry ......

We bring these animals into our lives as part of our family, and to have them leave us so soon is heartbreaking. I feel your pain, but I believe our furbabies are running side by side in the green fields without the pain they suffered here on earth!

- Tippy's Mommy

Miss you....

I miss you so much sweet baby....life is so much harder and feels so much sadder without you around. I love you!!

- Mommy

Happy Easter Sweet Baby....

I hope you're playing with some bunnies today. I miss you so desperately...Happy Easter Baby Boy....I Love You So Much.

- Mommy


I am so sorry for the loss of Baby Huey. I just lost my best friend and it is a pain that I can't explain. I am sure you know how I feel Lucy was the most awesome dog, she was my little Lucy girl. I hope Lucy and Baby Huey are playing together.

- karen

Thank You So Much!!!

Thank you for your kind words...Your baby looks so precious...Somedays I don't think I can make it another day...My Bogey was my little soulmate...literally...I am truly sorry for your loss,,Maybe my Bogey and your Baby Huey are friends in Heaven

- Bogey's Moma (03/29/10)

gentle giant

Not a mean bone in him, a real buddy .

- With heartfelt thoughts, Jan

Love to Baby Huey and Carmen

Baby Huey, I've heard so much about you and know that your mom's heart will be filled with love for you -- always.

- Love, Doris

Baby Huey

Thank you Baby Huey for bringing so much joy and love to my dear friend.You remain in the hearts of everyone who knew you.

- Love, Donna

so very sorry

so sorry for your loss of baby huey , such a goodlooking fellow.sweet dreams baby huey rest easy big guy .take care love ones.

- gypsy's mommy