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Onry (Rottweiler)

Age 11, April 11, 1997 - July 07, 2008

Onry Girl came into our lives at a time when we needed her the most. She was our best friend.

Nickname: Girl

My Best Friend

Hercules (Rottweiler)

Age 12, December 24, 1995 - September 20, 2008

Thank you, Herc, for everything. You've been more than just a dog, you're my best friend.

Nickname: Herc

Brandy Troxler (Rottweiler)

Age 10, ~1998 - August 29, 2008

Brandy, you changed my life and you will never know how in the end you saved my life. I love you!

Sleeping with her Baby

Shania (Rottweiler)

Age 14, June 05, 1994 - September 26, 2008

Truly the best Friend a Man could Ask for.

Nickname: Moo Puppy,

Beloved Nikka

Nikka (Rottweiler)

Age 10, July 15, 1997 - August 10, 2007

Beloved Nikka! We miss and love you!! Forever in our hearts! xoxoxo

Nickname: NikkaDee, Mama, NikkaDelcious

rza (Rottweiler)

Age 11, ~1998 - January 13, 2009

never could a dog touch our hearts like youu did

Asleep on the couch with his tongue out...

Rotten (Rottweiler)

Age 9, January 06, 2000 - March 30, 2009

To the smartest, sweetest, loyal friend I ever had...

Nickname: Fruitt

Sammy on her Bed.

Samantha (Rottweiler)

Age 9, May 10, 1999 - April 11, 2009

Our baby girl, 9 years on this earth, an eternity in our hearts.

Nickname: Samantha Ann, Sammy, Princess Buttercup, Pooh Bear

Magnus (Rottweiler)

Age 7, April 29, 2002 - May 16, 2009

Magnus was the joy in my life. I will always always love you...see you on the otherside baby dog.

Nickname: Mag Pie, Ruggerton, Baby Dog

Mum give me the cheese

Dino (Rottweiler)

Our perfect baby boy so kind, gentle and cuddly your were perfect in every way everyone loved Dino x

Nickname: Dinosaurus,rexie,poobear