A Little Bit About Ross

Breed: Mixed

Gender: Male

Favorite Toy: Hedgehog

Favorite Treat: Snooters (pigs ears)

Best Trick: Catching a treat off his nose

Favorite Game: Catch-yer-paw

Favorite Pastime: Going for a W-A-L-K

Special Skill: Chasing bunnies / raccoons

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Sorry for your loss

Ross was a beautiful dog! We recently (today) lost our beloved Spotty. RIP ROSS!

- Emily and Grace

Incredibly sweet!

Ross sounds adorable..he looks so sweet and innocent, May you rest in peace sweet child.

- Bijlis' Mommy

thank you for loving him

aww he was a cutie :) and so well behaved total opposite of my jughead but im sure theyll have lots of fun in doggy heaven

- jughead's mommy

what a cutie

I recently lost my dog and in going throught the site came accross Ross he's a cutie - boy he looks like he ia pure fun and I'm sorry for your loss I know how hard it is to loss a dog - My hear goes out to you.

- champs - mom

Ross - how adorable!

I just read and love your story about Ross. He was wonderful! And such a soulful face. My dog would miss us when we painted in the lower level and when she could not do stairs, would look at us at the door, so I can relate. Thinking of you and Ross!

- Love, Ellie

Ross Was lucky

I am sending ross a hotdog up in heaven to enjoy

- jules


My condolences. What an adorable dog!

- Fellow dog lover.


Handsome Ross

- Gabriella

Amazing Tricks

I remember Ross' amazing tricks - way better than any of our dogs.

- - Steve

Ross had a Darth Vader death-stare!

While dog-sitting, I forgot to refill Ross's water. (He disdained potty water.) One night, he blocked the TV and stared and STARED at me! "Out?" "Treat?" "Walk?" No response. Soon, the sound of a bouncing water dish. Smart dog! (Dumb human!)

- Love, AJ